Mobile Trackless Security Barrier and Crowd Control Barriers

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Expandable Mobile Security Trellis Fencing – S04-1™

The S04-1™ fencing system is completely trackless, which means it is a go-anywhere, multi-purpose system.

Australia’s only OH+S Compliant Safety tested Barriers
Safe for your customers and employees Independently NATA tested to comply with Dynamic Impact Tests to Australian Standards in certain circumstances

The S04-1™ fencing system is completely trackless, which means it is a go-anywhere, multi-purpose system.
This fencing system is great for securing after-hours or restricted access to areas in shopping centres, kiosks, pop-up shops, mall walkways, shop fronts, temporary tenancies, sports arenas, showrooms, factories and loading docks and other high-traffic public buildings including airports, railway stations, construction areas, OH&S work safe areas. It’s perfect for periodic maintenance jobs, night-time crowd control, loss prevention and after-hours security.

Watch a demonstration video below.

Why should you choose the S04-1™ mobile barrier / crowd control barrier for your business?

  • Completely mobile
    The fencing operates on a series of steel reinforced trolleys & can be completely mobile, so you can secure any area of your business.
  • Span any width to secure any size area
    The fencing can span any width and can be made to a maximum height of 2 1/2 metres.
  • Pivoting function means access is easy
    As an alternative to completely mobile unit, the fencing can pivot or rotate up to 270 degrees so as to create a completely clear opening.
  • Create squares, rectangles or even circles
    The standard configuration is a straight line, or a square or rectangle secured area. But a curved configuration is also available, meaning you can create a circle around shopping centre aisle displays or isolated machines in your factory.
  • Specially designed handling trolley available
    A handling trolley is also available so that you can easily roll out and pack away the security barrier.
  • Unobtrusive
    The fencing can be removed from where it is being used, wheeled away and stored almost anywhere. Thanks to its concertina design, the unit folds up to just a fraction of its expanded size.
  • Strength
    Shootbolt locking to the floor at the base of each trolley provides extra stability and security. In addition, a removeable lockable bollard can be combined with the fencing system for high security applications. The system can also lock onto a wall bracket–in this instance the locking mechanism comprises a security slamlock with high grade double hooks and locating pins for added strength.
  • Long Lasting
    The fencing grille has been treated, epoxy powdercoated and galvanised against corrosion for a long lifetime of flexibility and value. S04-1™ Security Doors are available in 2 standard exterior quality colours (Black Satin and Pearl White), and with a short extension on the regular production time they can be matched to your business perfectly using the Dulux PowderCoat range.
  • 12 Month Warranty
    The Australian Trellis Doors Company™ offer a 12 month warranty on all S04-1™ security barriers (refer Warranty page for more information) that are maintained in accordance with our care guidelines on our Warranty page.

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Important Safety Sheets

Instructions for using the S04-1™ Mobile Security Barrier

Instructions for using the trolley to move the S04-1™ Mobile Security Barrier

The S04-1™ has a fully documented and independently audited OH+S Risk Assessment

Product Testing for S04- 1

Double Diamond Barrier Free Standing AS4687-2007 Temporary Fencing and Hoarding

Double Diamond Barrier Locked Each End AS4687-2007 Temporary Fencing and Hoarding

SO4-1 Free Standing AS4687-2007 Temporary Fencing and Hoarding

SO4-1 Locked Each End AS4687-2007 Temporary Fencing and Hoarding

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