ATDC is proud to announce that it has received the official endorsement of the Australian Retailers Association for the supply and installation of its concertina security doors and security shutters to the shopfronts and business premises of ARA members across Australia.

As part of this endorsement, ATDC has been authorized to use the ARA logo for the duration of the endorsement period.

The ARA has, since 1903, been the “peak industry body representing Australia’s $258b retail sector which employs 1.2 million people. The ARA ensures retail success by informing, protecting, advocating, educating and saving money for its 5000 independent and national retail members throughout Australia.

This prestigious endorsement follows on ATDC’s recent attainment of a security rating on its SO6 concertina security door.

The first and only such security rating for a concertina security door in this country.

ATDC is Australia’s premier supplier of concertina doors and security shutters for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Having commenced operations in 1984, ATDC has national coverage and can provide professional security solutions through its professionally trained personnel and highly skilled installers.

ATDC ‘s commitment is to supply quality security products at competitive prices, innovative ideas and solutions and uncompromising service. Concertina security doors and security shutters are just part of a diverse range of security barrier products that is unrivalled by ATDC’s competitors.

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Security Door Company Achieves National Rollout Success

The Australian Trellis Door Co. (ATDC™) is fast developing a name for its capabilities as a national rollout specialist provider of security doors for retail chains Australia wide.

Companies including Telstra, Big W, BWS, Dick Smith Electronics Fone Zone and Woolworths/Caltex Petrol, are utilizing ATDC’s specialists skills and expertise installing its unique range of expanding security doors on a national scale.

Whether installing its mobile trackless trellis door barrier range or its fixed track concertina security door range, ATDC has proven its reliability for meeting rigorous timelines and deadlines no matter how remote the location or how large the project. Every time.

The increased popularity in the steel trellis security door range as shopfront closures is due to the strength, through visibility, ventilation, competitive pricing and low maintenance of these unique security doors.

No matter the location, ATDC has qualified technical representatives on the ground and, together with its experienced management team will project manage all facets of your job from design to production, though to installation of these folding security doors and coordination with other trades.

For more information on this unique range of steel security doors, call 1800 657 435 or visit – whether you require concertina security doors or retracting trellis security doors in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or any other Australian city or town – call the experts. Every time.

Jonathan Kaplan

Entire Security Door Range Now BCA Compliant

The Australian Trellis Door Co. is proud to announce that, as of 7th November 2012, the entire range of trellis security concertina doors now complies as an Egress Door under the provision of the BCA, subject to the specific limitations contained in the letter of certification (see attached).

Previously, this certification could be narrowly interpreted as applying only to the S06™ model concertina security door.

This development will be particularly appealing in egress applications as it broadens the range of security door options and designs available to the end user. No longer need the requirements of the BCA be an impediment to securing one’s premises. Whilst roller shutters will not comply under BCA, this range of retracting steel security doors will definitely comply.

The concertina security door range is now available throughout Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Further, The Australian Trellis Door Co. has qualified representative on the ground in every other major Australian city or regional town.

For more information on this unique range of folding security doors, contact 1800 657 435 or visit

Best regards,

Jonathan Kaplan


SO6 Steel Security Doors

Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC™) is proud to introduce one of Australia’s finest steel security doors in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, the SO6 heavy duty steel security door, designed to cater for the discerning homeowner and business owner, combining strength, style and world class functional performance, whilst still being cost effective. ATDC’s SO6 steel security doors have recently surpassed the relevant Australian Security Standards. The SO6 steel security doors are the only trellis type steel security doors on the Australian market which have passed the necessary security related testing requirements click here to check test report.


Stacking Sliding Doors

The Australian Trellis Door Co’s (ATDC™) stackable doors are proving increasingly popular for internal applications in airports, shopping centres and commercial buildings (Folding Closures). The most common infill material is polycarbonate although perforated mesh is also used where ventilation is required. More recently ATDC has met the requirements for glass infills at Melbourne’s new Emporium shopping centre which is a Colonial First State Retail Trust development being built by Grocon, Australia’s largest privately owned construction company. Other infill options for these stackable doors include a grille type brick pattern design.

ATDC’s stackable doors are able to span an unlimited width without the need for any removable mullions. They are proving increasingly popular not only for their nil headroom requirement but also as a preferred alternative to roller shutters which tend to be more of an OH+S problem for staff to operate particularly on the larger size openings.

ATDC’s stackable doors are now sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Newcastle, and also available in all regional cities and towns across the country.

Finally, Something New in Roller Shutters

Permashield™ Roller Shutters, a division of The Australian Trellis Door Company™, has launched an exciting new range of commercial aluminium roller shutters, which roll up into precision-engineered pelmet boxes.

The concept is widely available within the residential window shutter market but only now is it available commercially.

These new commercial security shutters now fold up into an unobtrusive, slimline pelmet box, concealing the otherwise exposed and unsightly roller mechanism at the top of the shutter. Fabricated from aluminium these pelmet boxes can be powdercoated to match the finish of the roller shutter or to match finish of the premises to which the security shutter is attached.

Ideal for external installations on streetfronts or commercial premises, this pelmet box also provides greater security by effectively providing a tamper protection device. In addition, it also protects the roller shutter mechanism from dust, wind and rain, and also increases the working life of the security shutter.

Also suitable for internal applications such as reception areas, bars, counter tops and hotels where it alleviates the need for the rather expensive option of dropping a ceiling to box in the axle and springs at the top of the shutter.

For more information on this new trend in roller shutters, contact The Australian Trellis Door Company™ on 1800 657 435 or visit our website on


Apparel Group, home to iconic fashion labels Sportscraft, Saba, Willow and more recently Jag which was acquired from Fusion Retail Group, has opened a large clearance outlet store in Sydney’s Alexandria.

Apparel Group have installed Australian Trellis Door Company™’s (ATDC™) ultra deluxe SO8 concertina security door to secure all the glass doors and windows to these new premises.

Dragan Jovanovski from That Retail Company, project manager for the fit out of the new factory outlet said the owners, who were concerned about the risk of break and enters, wanted the shopfront security doors to stand out clearly to the high volume of passing traffic in the busy area corner of Botany Road and McEvoy Street. The ultra sleek lines of the precision engineered SO8 concertina security doors and their professional bright white high quality powdercoated finish have had the desired effect. The SO8 concertina doors fold back out of sight during trading hours yet at night they present a formidable yet attractive barrier to would be intruders.

Alexandria has become a hub for factory clearance stores for the country’s major fashion and footwear brands. A relatively high level of crime has crept into the neighbourhood with numerous break and enters recorded in the last few months. Canterbury Clothing recently installed ATDC’s heavy duty SO6 concertina security doors after repeated break ins at their Botany Road clearance store with great success.

ATDC has a diverse range of security doors suitable for retail premises, shopfronts, shopping centres, showrooms and offices. For more information contact ATDC on 1800 657 435 from anywhere in Australia or visit for our full range of security products.


Security Roller Shutters

The Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC™) is a leading Australian manufacturer of security shutters for shops offering a wide range of visually appealing and functionally secure products to suit the smallest to the widest of apertures (Clear-vision Roller Shutters). ATDC’s security shutters for shops can be perforated for ventilation and visibility, powdercoated in a wide range of quality finishes to blend in with most shop fitouts and can be fabricated from a host of varied materials including aluminium, glass, polycarbonate and steel (Electric Roller Shutters).

Our qualified sales team will design a security shutter for your shop whether it is in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or any regional town in Australia and our skilled installers will ensure trouble free operation and long lasting performance (Window Roller Shutters).


Use of Security Gates

The Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC™) is a leading Australian supplier of security gates to council, government, commercial, office, industrial, retail and domestic buildings across the country click here to check Trellis Doors Products. ATDC’S security gates occupy a niche in the market for landlords and tenants seeking a good level of security yet also requiring a good aesthetic visual appearance. Precision engineered and designed and offering a good functional and long lasting performance with warranties of up to 5 years, ATDC’s security gates are of the highest quality appealing to the most discerning homeowners and business owners who also expect a competitive price range.

ATDC’s security gates are sold in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle and all regional centres across the country. ATDC’s security gates are structural or can be completely trackless and mobile.


Roller Security Shutters

The Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC™)’s security shutters not only provide security to your premises but also do so with style, elegance and world class performance. Constructed from aerofoil shaped marine grade aluminium, ATDC’s security shutters are reinforced with metal blades and dual-pin deadlocks and have comfortably surpassed rigorous independent testing under the relevant applicable Australian security standards ensuring that you the discerning homeowner or business owner can have peace of mind knowing your family and possessions are safely secured. ATDC’s security plantation shutters are now available in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.


Security Barrier

Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC™) is fast developing a reputation as a leading provider of security barriers for shops whether your premises are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle or any regional centre across the country. ATDC’s security barriers are suitable for securing any shops wherever there is valuable merchandise and stocks to protect such as chemists, liquor and jewellery stores, motorcycles, electronic goods such as computers, televisions and sound systems, tobacconists, mobile phone dealers and newsagents. Many of the largest retailers in the country (such as Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, Telstra, BWS stores) are installing ATDC’s security barriers to secure their premises.


Expandable Safety Barriers

Whether you are a home owner or business owner, The Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC™) has a full range of heavy duty and budget grade retractable security doors to suit your application and secure your premises. There are many advantages in using retractable security doors instead of other security systems currently available on the market.

In a domestic application alternative products include stainless steel mesh screens, steel wrought iron and aluminium security doors and domestic roller shutters Stainless steel screens are great however they tend to darken the room whereas retractable security doors allow all the sunlight in making your home bright and airy (SO2 1 ultra deluxe security door system).

Aluminium roller shutters are excellent to secure smaller windows however are not very secure over larger openings such as sliding glass bifold doors as compared to retractable security doors which can secure any opening no matter how wide (SO3 concertina security door system).

Wrought iron doors and aluminium security doors are limited in that they cannot compact back to a manageable size when unlocked and open and so hence tend to obscure your views and create a jail-like effect as compared to retractable security doors which fold back out of the way and tuck away neatly behind curtains or blinds so as to be almost invisible (SO1 economy safety door system).

In commercial applications roller shutters tend to be limiting where headroom is limited and also on wider openings it becomes necessary to use intermediate removeable mullions which tend to be unwieldy and can often lead to maintenance problems and OH+S issues for staff.Retractable security doors on the other hand occupy no head room and can span almost any width at all (SO5 1 heavy duty commercial steel security door).

Roller shutters are difficult to install on curved apertures whereas retractable security doors can accommodate curves as tight as 90 degrees over a 600mm tight radius making them particularly suitable for curved shopfronts,curved restaurant frontages and the like (SO8 curved trellis security door).

Trellis door products available Australia wide and in all major cities Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.