Security Solutions – Doors, Barriers, and More

Modern security doors include a wide range of options. These doors are very adaptable and they can be configured to any kind of commercial environment.

If you’re looking for exterior security doors, awnings and other onsite solutions, The Australian Trellis Door Co. has the innovative solutions you need.

Whether you’re upgrading an existing building or looking for security fittings for new commercial premises, we can help.

Security Doors

This range includes folding security doors, commercial roller shutters, security trellis gates, and much more. Our state-of-the-art security doors incorporate high functionality with heavy duty performance. Our high-quality commercial expanding security doors, folding doors and commercial roller shutters offer a complete range of protection for all areas of your property.

We can also assist with exterior presentation and design considerations. If you’re looking for any particular style or design of security door for your premises, just ask us.

Security Barriers

Our mobile expandable barriers and retractable mobile security barriers can be installed in any location according to your needs. These barriers are the very latest on the market. They can be used as crowd control gates, portable onsite security screens, or for any other security purpose.

Our mobile security barriers are designed to provide effective screening and security for stock and premises. They can be moved to any location and configured to protect any area.

Folding Enclosures

Our folding security grilles and closures are high quality and are the most space efficient on the market. They are perfect for retail shop-fronts, airports, reception areas and windows.


Our DIY gates are designed to provide a flexible range of solutions for on-site security. These concertina gates can be installed in any space, including doors, windows, or access points, according to your needs. Ask us about security grilles, and managing access for sensitive high-security areas.

Commercial Shade Systems

ATDC commercial shade solutions include our innovative retractable awnings. These products are perfect for spaces affected by sun, rain, or other environmental conditions. These awnings can be configured to any size required.

Contact us

For more information regarding our security systems, you can contact us online or simply ring the local ATDC centre in your capital city. Ask us about DIY options, commercial shade systems, design and technical guidance. We will provide any help you need.