ATDC™ warrant your product for 12 months against faulty materials and workmanship in accordance with clause 13.7 of our standard terms and conditions.  This is provided that you comply with the Maintenance and Operating instructions below.

Trellis product 12 months for all the trellis products.  For the S04-1™ this excludes moving components such as rollers and locks etc.

All trellis products subject to maintenance/care required as per our website

Prowler Proof 10 years replacement warranty
Window Shutters/Roller Shutters 12 months
Steel /Wrought Iron Doors 12 months
Removable Bars 12 months
Bollards 12 months
Folding Closures 12 months

Maintenance Instructions

In spite of our company’s attention to quality, our product, like all products with a substantial Steel/Aluminium and Stainless content, remains vulnerable when exposed to certain environmental conditions, regardless of the corrosion treatment it received during production.  As we have little control over what happens to our product after it has been installed at your premises, we have little choice but to leave the responsibility of maintaining the product to you, and especially so with an outside installation.

We strongly suggest that you view the maintenance of your trellis products in the same way as you view the maintenance of other products, like your motorcar! Without the regular treatment of your dash with silicone-based cleaner or the regular polishing of the exterior to limit build-up of corrosive, fatty deposits (especially prevalent in high humidity areas), the general appearance and condition of your motorcar will soon deteriorate significantly.

Always ensure that there is no dirt or obstructions accumulating in the bottom rail.

No warranty is offered by the Supplier against corrosion/malfunction of the Goods where the Goods are installed within two (2) kilometres of the high water mark or in an environment with a high saline content, or where the Customer is unable to produce written proof of regular cleaning of the Goods with an acceptable non-corrosive liquid.

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Recommended cleaning method :

1. Dip a soft cloth into a diluted mixture of soap and water and wipe down the entire unit.

2. Dry off the unit using a similar soft cloth or chamois.

3. Always lubricate the moving parts of the product after cleaning. Use a lubricating SILICONE spray for this purpose, purchased from any hardware store.

4. Should the cylinder lock become a bit difficult to use, then try a DRY lubricant.

What NOT to do :

1. Never use detergent or abrasive cleaners like Dishwashing liquid, thinners etc. as this will affect the longevity of the product.

2. Avoid using lubricants like WD40 or Q20 as these products tend to attract dust, and will affect the moving parts in the long term.

Please use the table below as a guide to caring for your product.

MILD – MODERATE More than 1km from the seaside Every 2 weeks
SEVERE MARINE Within 1Km of the seaside Every week

Operating Instructions

On closing the door ensure the door locks properly along the full height of its lock style, engaging all locking points.  When operating the door ensure that pulling or pushing motion is done by placing hand half way up the height of the lock style and applying pressure on/from this point.  Do not force turning of key if you encounter resistance.  Ensure you are turning key in correct direction of operation of lock.