ATDC Installs Safety Barriers at New Ferry Terminal in Sydney

The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) has recently completed a successful installation of its S04-1 DD double diamond safety barriers at the entry to the new ferry terminal at Sydney’s Barrangaroo.

Safety Barriers Meet Demanding Requirements  

ATDC had to overcome significant challenges to produce a safety barrier of sufficient quality that satisfied the demanding requirements of this state government project. Further information on ATDC’s Double Diamond mesh safety barriers is available on our product page.

Being at the entry to a major utility with high volumes of pedestrian traffic at peak times, public safety was always going to be the primary concern for the government client. It became clear at an early stage that ATDC would have to produce a safety barrier that met the relevant requirements of Australian Standard AS 4687-4007 for Temporary Fencing and Hoardings, In other words the safety barrier had to comply with The Simulated Climbing Test; The Impact Test, The Foothold Aperture Test and the Wind Force Overturn test. ATDC successfully passed all these stringent tests (other than the wind overturn test which couldn’t be properly tested as the safety barrier is an open grille) at an independent NATA testing facility in Sydney. ATDC’s portable safety barrier is the only one of its type in Australia that is now safety rated and compliant under the relevant Australian Standards. ATDC’s safety barriers already hold an independently certified WHS certification rating under the relevant Australian OH+S legislation. Further information on ATDC’s safety barrier testing is available on our product pages.

Configured for Space Efficiency

With this successful certification in place, ATDC was then officially specified by Cox Architects for this prestigious project and ATDC worked closely with Cox on all design aspects of the installation. This included finding the optimum way of configuring these safety barriers so that they are stored in the most space efficient way. Portions of the safety barrier had to be lockable at the same time as other sections remained open in order to control pedestrian flows during the peak periods of the day. The project managers on the job were Gartner Rose. The safety barriers at Barrangaroo were installed at a height of 2400mm.The maximum height available is 2520mm. Other height options are available on request. Each of the safety barrier spans at Barrangaroo measured approximately 8500mm wide although the maximum available width is unlimited.

Safety Barriers – Special Features

ATDC’s safety barriers are now widely regarded as stand out leaders in their field both from both a safety point of view and also from the aspect of their technological advancement. Special features include their compliance for emergency egress under the Building Code of Australia (BCA) where required; their innovative double lattice mesh which prevents persons reaching through the safety barrier mesh; and their different options for seamless secure down locking mechanisms. Trackless, fully mobile and portable, these steel constructed safety barriers can span unlimited widths and require absolutely no overhead support structure. An option for aluminium safety barriers is also available from ATDC. More information is available on ATDC’s range of aluminium safety barriers.

Excellent for securing temporary tenancies, pop-up stores, warehouse loading areas, work-safe areas and construction sites, access control for public utilities and government facilities, crowd control for public venues and many more applications.

Contact Us – Our Locations

ATDC’s safety barriers are now sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Newcastle, Geelong, Townsville and Darwin as well as in all regional centres across Australia. For further information on ATDC’s premier grade safety barriers please contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800 657 435. Further information on our Safety Barriers is also available on our website.

ATDC Has Widespread Success for Stackable Doors for Retailers

The Australian Trellis Door Company’ (ATDC) is having widespread market success since it commenced in house manufacture of its premium grade stackable doors for commercial retail applications.

Stackable Doors for Strength and Style

With its successful track record and many years of industry experience, ATDC’s in house designers and engineers have, after 2 years of extensive research and development, introduced a precision engineered quality product to the retail industry in Australia which is also price competitive. The 300mm wide panel (FC1) and the 150mm slimline (FC2) panel stackable doors combine strength, style and world class corrosion resistance, all delivered by a new age marine grade material, anodised aluminium. Truly one of the world’s finest commercial doors for retail applications ever launched on the market and designed to cater for the discerning business owner. For further information on ATDC’s widepsan and slimline panel stackable doors read our article on our Commercial Closures at Flight Centre Group Stores.

Heavy Duty and Long Lasting

The curtain of the door is fabricated from heavy duty extruded aluminium sections with interlocking hinges that are suspended from a rigid top support track by industrial grade hangars with metal bearings allowing the curtain to fold, slide and stack in a low friction action making it easy to operate and giving it a longer lasting lifespan. For further information on the technical details of ATDC’s stackable doors view our product information page.

With their  heavy gauge and secure seamless up/down locking mechanisms, ATDC’s commercial stackable doors are able to offer the business owner a speedy, efficient, user friendly lock up option without the need for the cumbersome removable mullions that are regularly utilized when consecutive roller shutters are utilized as a door solution. And where emergency egress is required under the BCA, an emergency breakout door solution is available as an extra over.

Fully Customized Options

ATDC’s stackable doors are customized to each particular project –the span is unlimited and the maximum height is 4500mm-curved apertures are not a problem as the doors can accommodate either a 90 degree curve over a 600mm radius (for the wide panel FC1) or even over a 405mm radius for the slimline panel option. S-bend configurations are also easily achieved where required as well as special curved radii. Additional information on ATDC’s stackable doors can be found in an article on the launch of the new Slimline Panel Accordion Door in Australia.

The above photograph shows a recent project completed by ATDC at the AFL Store in Chadstone Melbourne, the specifying architect was Co-Lab Architecture and the project managers for the job were Minc Services of Melbourne. The doors were powdercoated satin black for this project as specified by the architect.

Contact Us about our Stackable Doors

ATDC’s stackable doors are now sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Canberra as well as across all regional towns across the country including Newcastle, Geelong, Townsville, Darwin and Hobart. For further information on ATDC’s range of stackable commercial doors and its other range of quality commercial door systems please contact ATDC on 1800 657 435 from anywhere in Australia or view our product information page for more specific details.

Security Plantation Shutters for High Rise Apartment Blocks

The Australian Trellis Door Company’s (ATDC) Security365 security rated plantation shutters are an ideal product for securing windows, patio doors, sliding glass doors and patio enclosures for strata units in high rise apartment buildings.

Security Plantation Shutters

Fabricated from reinforced aluminium heavy duty extruded sections surrounded and locked into full metal frames and further complemented by their high quality anodised finish, ATDC’s Security 365 security plantation shutters are ideal for installation on the external façade of buildings in that they are able to withstand both the forces of high wind as well as the often debilitating weathering effects of the ultra violet rays from the sun as well as rain, storms and dust. These security plantation shutters will not warp, crack, fade nor degrade on the exterior of the building. Their longevity and durability is further enhanced by a professional ultra violet resistant powdercoated finish which can be colour matched to suit almost any environment. For further information on the high grade materials involved in the construction of these security shutters view our Planation Shutters page.

Security365 – The Benefits

ATDC’s Security365 security plantation shutters offer further benefits to units in high rise apartment blocks including obvious fire advantages, privacy and shade as well as optional detachable flyscreens to keep insects at bay. And with the further benefits of preserving the often panoramic views of high rise apartment units by configuring the security plantation shutters in either a hinging or bifolding multi-track option permitting the shutters to fold back to a negligible storage size making them almost invisible. In addition the adjustability of the louvres allows the homeowner to control the exact amount of sunlight, breeze or fresh air that will permeate through into their apartment. (For further information on how these security plantation shutters will preserve your views see our article at The security plantation shutters are security rated under the Australian Standards for security doors and this will be of particular comfort to the unit owners on the ground floor and lower level floors of apartment buildings.

Installation Project in Brisbane

ATDC has recently installed its Security 365 security plantation shutters throughout a high rise apartment block (pictured) overlooking the Brisbane river. The project involved replacing all the previously installed  timber and plastic shutters (which had badly degraded over time to a level where they  were almost inoperable) There were naturally extremely  challenging logistics in getting the heavier grade security 365 security plantation shutters up to the higher level apartments. Scaffolding was erected throughout in an effort to overcome the restricted access and to minimise disturbance to the many apartment residents. ATDC’s professional installation team were able to work safely at heights and in extremely trying weather conditions. The project also involved obtaining council permits and the lodging of a development application. The apartment owners were extremely satisfied with the end result and the general feeling was that ATDC’s stylish security plantation shutters actually enhanced the appearance of the building. For further information on ATDC’s security plantation shutters’ excellent weathering qualities read our article.

High Security Solution

ATDC’s security 365 security plantation shutters are also applicable in providing an elegant and high security solution for commercial and retail applications such as retail display windows, showroom windows, hotel sliding doors and patio doors, office suites and office buildings, restaurants, bars, schools, universities, heritage facades and many more.

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For further information contact ATDC toll free on 1800 657 435 or visit ATDC’s website at

How are Security Doors Installed?

How Are Security Doors Installed?

Security doors include a range of measures to ensure that they’re both secure and tough targets for intruders. The installation of security doors is based on making access by force very difficult.

Installation Essentials

The security provided by modern security doors is based on well-defined parameters for very practical reasons. The strongest security door is ineffective if it is not properly secured to the surrounding frame. The Australian Standard AS 5040-2003 identifies the minimum acceptable requirements for installing security doors to residential properties.

In New South Wales, all installers need to hold security licences. The installer has to assess the strength of the existing frame and has to correctly install the security door using acceptable concealed fixings. If the surrounding frame is not substantial enough to support the installation and secure your door, then this frame will need to be enhanced or strengthened with further structural support before the installer can adequately attach the security door to it.

As you can see, the “security factor” is based on a range of clear metrics and performance specifications. This means that your new security door will be well-designed to handle severe stress, impacts, and other attempted intrusion methods.

Security Doors Choices and Critical Factors

Every property has its own specific security needs. The security needs for a shop, for example, will include a much more complex range of factors compared to a home. A home may only require a strong, rated conventional security door. A shop may require a heavy duty expanding security door or a folding security door.

The most important factors in security doors can be defined by examining your onsite needs:

  • Access points: Which entrances and exits require added security? Does your home need additional security for side and rear entrances? Speak to your security door suppliers about these issues to ensure that you have properly structured all-around security in place. (Also note: Your suppliers can be very helpful with important issues like lock selection, security management, and other useful onsite needs)

  • The degree of security required: This especially applies to commercial premises, which are often the targets of vandalism, as well as attempted entry. Security door choices may include heavy grilles, trackless security doors, folding security doors, etc.
  • Exterior presentation: Most homes prefer security features that deliver good exterior presentation. Many shops need the added security, but also need to manage their exterior image and visual presence. You can also get help from architects and specifiers regarding your design, security and exterior needs.
  • Cost: The good news for homeowners and commercial premises managers is that modern security doors aren’t really very expensive. Even a state of the art modern security door isn’t going to have a severe budget impact. Get a quote for the door(s) you want and compare your choices before spending a cent. You’ll find costs are easily manageable, and your suppliers can help with budget-friendly options.

Trying to Find the Right Security Doors?

The Australian Trellis Door Co. is a nationwide supplier of security doors. You can purchase our security doors in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Brisbane. For any help, guidance or technical advice, contact us online or call us toll free on our Australia wide number on 1300 289 159.


What are security doors?

What Are Security Doors?

Just about every home in Australia has a security door. These doors are highly functional, delivering added protection to your home with a wide array of different designs and styles. Most people, however, don’t really know much about their security doors in terms of many basic concepts.

Security Doors Basics

Security doors are a significant protective asset for your home. They’re a lockable, physical, metal barrier designed to protect you and your family from break and enter attempts that intrude into your home and your business. Expert installers will advise you regarding vulnerable access points and suggest security door options.

Security doors are also a useful deterrent. The underlying concept of security doors is to deter the would-be intruder from even attempting to gain unlawful entry into your property and they are effective. Security doors can be hard targets for would-be intruders, presenting a solid and secure line of defence to entry.

Most modern security doors are pretty hard to open by force. All modern security doors have a level of force resistance built in, which is defined by the Australian Standard 5039. Australian Standard 5039 deals with the minimum requirements for the construction, design, and performance of security screen doors and the specifications are pretty high.

Security doors are tested to the Australian Standard as the bottom line for testing. Any door that passes the various stress tests qualifies as compliant Australian Standard 5039.

Choosing a Security Door

The Australian Standards are a very good benchmark for choosing your security door. If they’re not Australian Standard, they either haven’t been tested or couldn’t pass the test to meet Standard requirements. Either way, why would you want an inferior, untested product? Stick with the Australian Standard certified products.

The other major considerations for choosing a security door are:

  • Design: Do you want something that fits your exterior design or just a basic security door that will do the job? Take a little time to really explore all your options. You’ll find a truly huge range of choices.
  • Type of security door: There are many options available, particularly for commercial premises and modern homes with a lot of entry space like double doors, patio doors, etc. Do you want a retractable security door, a folding security door, expanding security door, concertina security door, or a shop front security door? Check out your choices because there are some excellent designs available.
  • Security doors and access points: It’s often a good idea to do a thorough upgrade of onsite security when you’re looking at security doors. Do you need security doors at other access points? The usual result of a site access analysis is a good mix of options and some expert advice is useful for finding possible security issues.

Looking for Security Doors?

If you’re looking for security doors anywhere in Australia, The Australian Trellis Door Co. has you covered. See our security doors in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, or Brisbane. Contact us online or give us a call toll free on 1300 289 159 from anywhere in Australia.