Security Doors and Security Barriers

During and post -GFC the retail sector has been particularly badly affected by the severe economic downturn with retailers being squeezed on capex budgets for store fitouts-The Australian Trellis Door Co’s (ATDC™) ( unique range of “smart” security doors and security shutters have found significantly greater application by a multitude of retailers for a number of reasons mainly:

  • Their cost effectiveness.
  • Their aesthetic appeal being almost invisible during trading hours.
  • They can overcome the restrictions for egress under the Building Code of Australia.
  • They can span any width uninterrupted.
  • They Can accommodate unusual shapes and curves and configurations.
  • They require no headroom.
  • They permit maximum ventilation.
  • Our smart security doors allow for keyless entry for after hour access.

These advantages have set up ATDC as a leading supplier of security doors for retail stores whether in shopping centres, malls, arcades, strip retail, kiosks, pop-up stores and beyond that to other applications such as securing showrooms, warehouses, loading docks, offices, reception and bar counters, schools, hospitals, pubs and hotels, gyms and fitness centres, airports, railways and other government buildings, and more.( system)

A recent example of ATDC’s market penetration was seen at Westfield Miranda’s recent upgrade where our fold away security barriers/doors and expandable security doors were installed in close to 20 stores within the centre as well as being supplied to Westfield’s operations management and to the Westfield security division who were seeking greater access control to foodcourts, escalators, travelators and mall entries.(

Our smart security doors /security barriers allow for keyless entry for after hour access making it particularly attractive for use in the multitude of 24 hour gyms and fitness centres that are opening all over Australia. Our engineers have designed modified mag locks that accommodate personal swipe cards for electronic access after hours. Customers include Golds Gym, World Gym, Club Lime and many others.

ATDC’s smart range of retractable, expandable security doors are now available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin. For more information on ATDC’s unique range of security doors please visit our website or call us on 1800 657 435 from anywhere in Australia.


ATDC, Australia’s leading barrier security provider and with national coverage, is proud to announce the launch of its heritage range of trellis security doors suitable for providing security for heritage buildings.

Originating from the age old concept of the doors used for securing elevators and lifts, these trellis security doors provide a modern version of that classic heritage look from days gone by.

Completely collapsible,these concertina security doors compliment any heritage application including railway stations, government buildings, converted warehouses and studio’s, museums and other historical landmark buildings.

ATDC is proud to announce Railcorp as a major client and has supplied trellis security doors to railway station upgrades at many properties in their portfolio including Sydney’s ST James, Museum, Central, Wynyard and Town Hall Stations. Another presitigious client is Queensland Railways with ATDC having supplied concertina security doors to many stations across metropolitan and regional QLD stretching from as far north as Townsville down to the Gold Coast.

ATDC has also supplied many of its security doors to the well renowned heritage listed QVB Shopping Centre in the heart of Sydney’s central business district.

Available in all the heritage range of powdercoated finishes, ATDC’s security doors are professionally crafted and engineered to each application and will blend in to any heritage environment-fully ventilated, this open security grille will retract out of the way when not in use so as to be almost invisible.When locked and closed the classic lines of this elegant range of classic range of security doors becomes clearly evident.

Secured with a 3 point security lock and a full surround frame, these security doors provide a high level of security .

Other applications for these retractable security doors include securing shopfronts,shopping centres,restaurants,hotels and office buildings.A trackless range of barrier security solutions provides security for temporary tenancies, pop up shops, work safe areas and access control.

For more information contact the Australian Trellis Security Door Co on 1800 657 435 or visit


Portable Security Barriers

Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC™) has preserved its position as clear market leader in the barrier security door industry by producing this country’s first independently audited WHS risk assessment of a portable concertina security barrier.

Mindful of managing its obligations in relation to work health and safety, ATDC proactively engaged an independent auditor to assist in identifying safety hazards in relation to the supply, installation and operation of its portable security door in an effort to ensure it complied with the relevant legislation.

ATDC then acted on the written recommendations of the auditor to implement design and documentary changes to its expandable barrier to reduce and control the risk of the identified hazards. A full copy of this report is available on request.

The safety improvements to this expanding barrier are ongoing and ATDC continues to implement improvements to ensure its manufacturing standards are consistent and so ensuring compliance with the relevant legislation.

The results have been extremely favourably received by the market particularly with larger national customers and of course smaller ones too who are becoming increasingly conscious of their own WHS obligations.

The barrier is a completely trackless, mobile and versatile security door which has multiple applications since the width is unlimited and its modular construction means it can be constructed on angles, curves and difficult shaped apertures as well as standard applications.

The industrial and mining sectors see this expandable barrier‘s application for securing factory, warehouse and distribution centre loading docks and bays, protecting staff from dangerous machinery, providing access control and work safe-areas and platforms by dividing areas of all dimensions and, furthermore, assisting in inventory control by controlling theft of stock.

The commercial market sees its application in providing access control in shopping centres,public and government buildings such as airports, railway stations and museums. Providing lock up for temporary tenancies and pop up shops in arcades and malls is a further common application.

The applications are limitless-the barriers are even available for hire on a temporary basis for those with short term requirements for its use.

For further information on ATDC’s written WHS risk assessment report please contact us on 1800657435 or visit our website on ATDC has national coverage and can service your barrier needs and all security door, roller shutter and security shutter requirements across Australia.

Top Security Door Company in Australia Launches Stylish And Secure Plantation Shutters To Home Seeking Premium Protection

In response to an increasing rate of home break-ins, one of Australia’s leading security companies, The Australian Trellis Door Co (TADC), has launched a ranged of premium quality security plantation shutters.

The new security rated plantation shutters, called Security365™, replace unattractive bars and grilles on household window frames, with high security, key locked shutters that appear to be normal wooden plantation shutters.

ATDC’s hinged plantation shutters have passed security testing by a NATA approved laboratory to meet Australia Security Screen Standards AS5039 & AS5040 and offer security, weather control and stylish looks in a variety of colours.

Key-lockable with quality mortise deadbolts, patented dual-pin locking and 100mm stainless steel hinges, the shutters replace security screens, bars and grilles and are suitable for windows, doors and patio enclosures.

As with the common, wooden plantation shutters, the Security365™ shutters feature adjustable blades providing climate and privacy control, as well as reducing noise intrusion.


Manufactured from non-corrosive, aircraft grade T5 Aluminium, the environmentally friendly Security365™ shutters do not shrink, crack, fade or warp, and also can include fly screens and feature a five year warranty.


The shutters are provided with easily operated turn-buttons, allowing for easy removal when they require cleaning, while also being attractive.

The various applications of the shutters include:

Windows – Fixed in place, hinged, bi-folding or sliding, Security365™ windows can be used to secure including double hung, casement and awning windows.


Doorways – including hinged and French doors, sliding doors, bi-folding panels and sliding stacker doors. These doors are key-lockable with quality mortice deadlocks and flush bolts. Easy key and handle access is available for both inside and outside. They have patented dual-pin locking systems with stainless steel components.

Patio Enclosures with sliding, bi-folding or stacking panels – create secure outdoor entertainment areas, even curved patios. The controlled angle of the shutters can create a lovely, bright ambience, while cutting down on the amount of UV light, rain or wind entering the home.


The Security365™ shutters come in a wide range of colours including Dulux Satin White, Dulux Satin White Birch, Dulux Classic Cream, Dulux Precious Silver Pearl, Jotun, Sahara, Black, Anotec XT Silver, Paperbark, Azurite Copper Pearl.

For more information visit ATDC’S website on or call 1800 657 435.


SO8 Security Grilles

Australian Trellis Door Company™ (ATDC™) is proud to announce the re-launch of its SO8 security grille, designed to cater for curved and difficult shaped apertures.

ATDC’s SO8 security grille combines strength, style and world class performance all delivered by precision engineered commercial grade top hangar assemblies , heavy duty and precision shaped extruded aluminium top track and seamless locking assemblies which engage the top track and floor without the need for any permanent lock posts.

Capable of comfortably traversing a 90 degree bend over a tight 600mm radius the security grille can accommodate the most difficult shaped apertures making it suitable for securing curved shopfronts and eateries, curved counter tops and reception areas, bay windows, curved office frontages and more. Retracting back to only 15% of its open size the security grille has a sleek aesthetic design and can be installed over very large expanses without the need for intermediate removable mullions. Floor track is not required. Restricted headroom is no limitation. Maximum height is 4000mm.

The security grille is well priced and extremely competitive with the costs of alternative bi-fold security grilles currently available on the Australian market.

Available Australia wide including all major cities Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, contact the Australian Trellis Door Company™ on 1800 657 435 or visit trellis doors website from anywhere in Australia. Our design team will work with you to refine the security grille to your project requirements. Our trained technicians will install to your specifications.


The Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC™) is pleased to announce that it has recently joined the global security supply network of the Xpanda Group of Companies (The Group)

The Group commenced operations in 1974 in the South African port city of Durban and has since evolved into the world’s largest supplier of security barrier products.The group’s main plant (all of 12000 square metres) produces the widest and most comprehensive range of anti-burglar protection and deterrent security products worldwide.And all made to ISO 9002 quality standard.

The vast array of security products include fixed security bars, security doors, trellis security doors, roller shutters, roller grilles, folding closures, sectional overhead doors,removeable lockable bars, driveway gates, window shutters and more. The plant currently produces over 250 gates, 1500 burglar guard systems and more than 150 expanding trellis security doors per day.


Xpanda now, through its network of agents and distributors, supplies the residential and business security markets in over 28 countries including the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Canada, The USA, Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, The Seychelles, Nigeria, South Africa and more.


The group’s mission statement is to be the customer’s first choice for security, delivering products of outstanding quality that meet world class standards, through great service and competitive costs,and to consistently satisfy the customers’ needs.

The group’s vision statement is to be the most successful and respected security provider worldwide by providing outstanding quality, uncompromising and efficient service and value to our customers.

Group global managing director, Mr Tim Taylor, says “the secret of our success is simple-we listen to our customers’ needs locally and abroad and custom design security products to their individual specifications.”


Australian director Jonathan Kaplan says “our decision to join the Xpanda network was an easy one-it gives our business access to greater buying power thereby reducing our costs,access to quality reliable security products and access to the benefits of a significant amount of R+D which the Group carries out on an ongoing basis. Further the benefit of the sharing of information of trends and developments in the security industries in so many countries is priceless.


Leading national security door provider The Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC™) has re-launched its hugely popular SO8 curved trellis security door.

Now with a heavy duty commercial grade extruded aluminium top track ,heavy duty industrial grade top hangar assemblies and metal wheel bearings,this security door provides impressive styling and dependable and robust operation no matter how large the opening it is securing.

With its sleek lines and stunning appearance,the fully ventilated SO8 security door can accommodate a tight curved radius of 600mm making it suitable for securing the most difficult curved apertures including restaurants,storefronts,hotel foyers and office frontages as well as curved bay windows and patio areas in residential properties.

Recently installed in February 2013 for SupaGlue’s new store at Highpoint Shopping Centre in Melbourne,the curved security door was supplied at a width of 30 metres and a maximum height of 4100mm without the need for any intermediate mullions and so providing a high class seamless appearance.


Similarly in March 2013, a large SO8 curved trellis security door was installed at Bang + Olufsen’s new Melbourne store in Richmond-this installation required no floor track and so practical lock up was achieved through intermediate key turn shootbolt locking mechanisms into stainless steel floor sockets.Further,the door was hung on a parallel top track arrangement to minimize the stacking area of the trellis door .

Melbourne’s prestigious Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School has also recently installed multiple substantial sized curved trellis security doors securing the school’s library, school hall, classrooms, foyers and playground areas. This project formed part of the government’s recent BER rollout and here ATDC’s design and installation teams worked closely with the specifying architects and project managers to achieve a staged lock up of different areas of the school as the project was constructed over an 18 month period with phased handovers.


Designed to suit any interior environment, the trellis security door range is available in a high grade powdercoated finish from the Dulux Powdercoated range.

Now available Australia wide contact ATDC on 1800 657 435 or visit for more information.


Security Doors and Roller Shutters

The Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC™) has recently completed a very large installation of its security doors and roller shutters at ABC Tissues (ABC).

ABC is a top 1000 ranked Australian company and with over 500 staff in over 11 locations in Australia, is one of the country’s largest privately owned tissue companies. Well-known brands include Softex, Quilton and Puresoft.

ABC consulted with ATDC to resolve numerous security issues including :

  1. The need to protect expensive factory machinery and equipment:
  2. Access control and safety of staff on a busy industrial premises that sees 150 x 40 foot containers pass through weekly
  3. Inventory control
  4. Protection of stock from theft
  5. Provision of work safe areas.

ATDC resolved all of these issues by installing 135 lineal metres of its specialized security doors at a height of 2500mm at ABC’s head office premises in Sydney’s Wetherill Park.

ATDC’s retractable security doors are completely free standing, trackless, mobile and flexible and the same doors can be moved and utilized in multiple locations. Width is unlimited. The retractable doors fold back compactly to less than 12% of their covered area ensuring that the required storage space when unlocked is at an absolute minimum. The retractable door can also be rented or hired from ATDC as a temporary barrier for a limited period.

2 (1)

ATDC’s retractable security door is the first in Australia to obtain an independently audited written WHS Risk Assessment which is becoming increasingly important as employer’s worksafe and OH+S obligations become paramount.

ATDC has a full range of security doors and roller shutters. It’s range of retractable security doors is unsurpassed and has industrial, commercial and residential applications.

ATDC also has an extensive range of security roller shutters suitable for commercial and residential applications.

For more information call 1800 657 435 or visit


The Security landscape is changing throughout the world, with Australia being no exception. For the first time Australian retailers are facing new security risks that before had only been experienced in films and on TV.

The demand for increased security has seen retailers proactively investing in a number of different measures to protect their merchandise from vandalism and theft, including those retailers at airports and other public buildings across the country as well as retailers in shopping centres, strip retail shops, restaurants, clubs, hotels and gyms.

In recent years the Australian Trellis Door Company™ (ATDC™) has been successfully installing its extensive range of retailer friendly security doors and security shutters for retail stores at airports across Australia including Brisbane International, Melbourne Domestic and International, Sydney domestic and international, Cairns, Perth, Gold Coast, Port Hedland and Darwin International Airports.

Many of Australia’s leading retailers are relying on ATDC’s successful track record and extensive security industry experience and are installing their quality range of security doors and security shutters across their retail shopfronts. Leading retailers such as Purely Merino, Australian Way, RM Williams, Billabong, News Travels, Quicksilver, Flight Centre to name but a few.

Recently Heinemann, the global German-owned retailer, was awarded the duty free concession at Sydney International Airport and has installed nearly 600 lineal metres of ATDC’s portable, expandable, roll away security barriers/doors to secure its store. This is the largest single contract ever awarded in Australia to date for portable security gates.

And JR Duty Free has recently installed 60 lineal metres of ATDC’S Top hung SO6 heavy duty trellis security door at its new store at Brisbane International Airport.

ATDC’s security doors and security shutters are unique-they fold back to a mere 15% of their expanded width so as not to be visible during trading hours;they can be made to comply with egress requirements under the BCA where required; they can be manufactured to span unlimited widths and can accommodate curved apertures. The trackless barrier does not require an overhead structure as it is completely freestanding. And ATDC has a fully documented WHS risk assessment completed for its trackless security gate.

ATDC’s range provides a cost effective and innovative solution to retailers” security needs and is backed up by a 40 year trading record in Australia. Quality management staff will design a bespoke solution to projects anywhere in the country. Call 1800 657 435 for more information or visit