LVMH,the world’s leading retailer of luxury goods,has selected safety barriers from The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) to secure its warehouse in Silverwater,Sydney.

LVMH,founded in 1987 with a merger between Moet Hennessy and Louis Vuitton and headquartered in Paris,employs over 145 000 people across the globe and last year had annual revenue in excess of 42 billion Euros.

At their new distribution centre LVMH have installed unique warehouse safety barriers which are not only Worksafe compliant under the relevant OH+S legislation but are also compliant with many of the rigorous strength and safety provisions of the Temporary Fencing and Hoarding provisions of the Australian Standards.Furthermore, these uniquely robust and easy to operate barriers have been fitted with a commercial grade shade cloth backing which serves not only as a privacy screen but also provides some degree of protection against wind,vermin and dust which would otherwise be an ongoing  hazard for a company that prides itself on the highest  quality,upmarket luxury merchandise.For other applications of these barriers see article at

ATDC’s range of warehouse barriers are available in either steel  or aluminium;they can be lockable to side walls or floors;they are trackless,portable and mobile and operate on a series of heavy duty bottom thermoplastic castors which consist of a non marking compound,making them suitable to run on any floor surface.For further information see ATDC’s website at

For further information on ATDC’s comprehensive range of warehouse safety barriers and other commercial grade barriers contact ATDC toll free on 1800657435 from anywhere in Australia or visit their website at

ATDC’s warehouse safety barriers are now sold in Sydney,Melbourne,Adelaide,Brisbane,Canberra and Perth as well as in all regional towns across the country including Geelong,Newcastle,Townsville,Sunshine and Gold Coast regions.They are also exported throughout South East Asia,The Asia Pacific,The Pacific Islands and the UAE.( )

Must read-Proliferation of railway stations leads to spike in Transit Retail – Crowd Control Barriers For Transit Increasingly Required

A major expansion of railway stations  in both Sydney and Melbourne has resulted in a mushrooming of valuable new retail floor space.  The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC)’s industry leading crowd control barriers are the go to product for securing retail space in these transit hubs whether for airports,railway stations or hospital retail storefronts.

In Sydney,major  expansions at Wynyard,Central Station,Barrangaroo and the Northwest Metro Line are typical examples of this fairly recent phenomenon.(See article by Carolyn Cummins at      )

Similarly with airports and hospitals,transit hubs are proving to be the new frontier for retailers with their captive market.

ATDC has supplied its crowd control barriers to secure permanent and pop up retail at Central Station and Wynyard (See article at  )as well as securing thousands  of square metres of retail space at both Sydney and Melbourne International and Domestic Airports .(See article at  )

ATDC’s crowd control barriers are safe and easy to operate,having being tested against the relevant OH+S legislation and also NATA tested against the Australian Standards for temporary Fencing and Hoarding,including dynamic impact testing and simulated climbing.For further information see article at  )

These crowd control barriers are trackless,portable and flexible.Since they are modular,they can span unlimited width apertures (at any angle)  without the need for any removeable mullions.Avaialble in standard heights , they run on a series of heavy duty non marking thermoplastic bottom castors and have numerous wall mounted and floor fixed locking options.

For further information on ATDC’s comprehensive cutting edge crowd control barriers visit ATDC’s website at    or contact ATDC toll free on 1800657435 from Anywhere in Australia.

ATDC’s crowd control gates are now sold in Sydney,Melbourne,Brisbane,Adelaide,Perth and Canberra as well as in all regional towns across the country including Newcastle,Geelong,Townsville,Sunshine and Gold Coast regions.In addition they are also exported throughout the Asia Pacific,South East Asia,The Pacific Islands and The UAE.( )


Australian  Geographic, a division of Co-Op, which is Australia’s largest university campus retailer, is currently undergoing a major store rollout and expansion across the country.  The Australian Trellis Door Company’s concertina folding closures can be seen on the front of many of these new stores.

In an article last year which appeared  in the Australian Financial Review written by Simon Evans it was observed that the company had reinvigorated itself through its shift to a more upmarket focus,selling  mainly STEM (Science,Technology,Engineering,Mathematics)related products , following its  purchase in 2016 from the Myer family of Melbourne. (

The company continues to simultaneously  invest in its digital and online  prescence while rolling out this considerable investment in bricks and mortar outlets across the country.

Aplin Creative,a creative interior design studio out of Darlington in Sydney ,has specified The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC)’s folding closure doors  and its other retail shopfront doors for  the Australian Geographic national store rollout.ATDC has been coordinating works with the many different appointed shopfitters to the various new store builds  across Australia to ensure timely delivery and installation in order to meet handover deadlines.ATDC is a renowned retail shopfront door specialist having been involved in many high profile store rollouts over the past decade.For further information see article at

The specified product is ATDC’s 300mm wide panel FC1 Folding Closure in a natural anodised finish,in many cases  with radius curves to accommodate angled frontages and with seamless up/down locking mechanisms both at the extremities of the door as well down locking mechanisms  to lock up intermediate sections of door.Always with heavy duty extruded aluminium top track , heavy duty top hangars and commercial grade top wheels to ensure easy operation and longevity,the folding closure doors  operate smoothly,slide and stack sideways  into their storage pockets through a series of interlocking hinges.For further information on ATDC’s specified folding closure doors see ATDC’s website at

ATDC’s folding closure doors are available for sale in Sydney,Brisbane,Melbourne,Adelaide,Perth and Canberra as well as in all major retail towns across the country including Newcastle,Geelong,Townsville,The Sunshine and Gold Coast regions.In addition they are currently exported throughout South East Asia,The Asia Pacific region,The Pacific Islands and the UAE.( )

For further information on ATDC’s entire range of commercial folding closure doors contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435 or visit ATDC’s website at


Codeine is an opiate and is typically used to treat mild levels of pain and is also used in the treatment of  diarrhoea.  Pharmacy security has become increasingly important as a result of many recent break-ins targeting medicines containing Codeine.

From 1 Feb 2018 new government legislation came into effect requiring all products containing codeine to be sold in pharmacies with a medical script.This affects many well known household brands such as Panadeine and Nurofen Plus for example which now require a doctor’s script.

This decision was made by the Therapeutic Goods Administration on the basis that Codeine is an opioid drug and,as such,can cause opioid tolerance,dependence and even death.

The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC), a leading national Australian security door and barrier specialist supplier has recently seen a significant rise in enquiries for its shopfront security doors as a direct result of break and entry into pharmacies across the country.Pharmacy clients are  frequently  commenting  that this is a direct result of the new codeine related legislation making these codeine related products more valuable on the street for re-sale by criminal elements.The sheer number of these enquiries has been noticeable and mainly entail  pharmacists seeking advice on  methods of deterring forced entry through the pharmacy shopfront doors/windows.Typical methods of forced entry include traditional smash and grab attempts but also the more recent ramraiding technique using vehicles.

Pharmacies have traditionally  been a natural target for criminals given the nature of their stock with high value drugs such as pseudoephedrine being a typical example.

ATDC has supplied its shopfront security doors to secure the premises of countless pharmacies across the country having previously been a preferred supplier to the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.See article at

ATDC’s S06 shopfront security door is compliant with the Australian Standards for Sliding security doors having been tested in an independent NATA laboratory against dynamic impact,anti-jemmy and pull force testing.This security door  is top hung with a full metal frame,secure locking and high tensile strength material.It folds back out of sight when not in use during trading hours and as such is an added bonus to retailers wishing to maximize visual display of merchandise .ATDC has certain innovative side stack storage options to minimize impact on retail space.Refer to ATDC’s website for further information on this unique S06 security door at

ATDC has a comprehensive range of security doors suitable for securing many applications including retail,commercial,industrial and even residential.For further information see ATDC’s website at

ATDC’s full range of shopfront security doors are available for sale in Sydney,Melbourne,Brisbane,Adelaide,Perth,Canberra anda cross all regional towns in Australia.They are also available for export to the Pacific Islands,South East Asia,The Asia Pacific and the UAE.For further information on ATDC’s export business click on

For further information contact ATDC toll free from anyway in Australia on 1800657435 or visit ATDC’s website at