Roll and Folding Security Doors for Australia Fair

The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) recently installed  a series of roll and folding security doors to the food court and various entrance ways at Australia Fair Shopping Centre.

Australia Fair is based in Southport QLD. It is owned by YFG Shopping Centres and is managed by Retail First.

ATDC’s roll and folding  security doors are completely trackless and are free standing .They are flexible enough to be quickly and easily relocated and used in multiple applications. Lockable and secure, they are ideal for access control in shopping centres and for securing very large spans without the  need for any structural supports. Also available with  a double diamond mesh infill  which restricts persons from being able to reach through these doors ,they can  also provide lever handle egress for keyless exit where required for emergency egress under the BCA. Also available for short term or long term hire, these roll and folding security doors are either 2m or 2.5m in height or can be customized to suit special applications.

For further information on ATDC’s comprehensive range of both steel or aluminium roll and folding  security doors visit ATDC’s website at   or contact them toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435.

Commercial Folding Closures now with Emergency Egress Facility

The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) recently installed its premium grade 300mm panel folding closure door to secure the storefront of Glue Store at Charlestown. The commercial folding closure was fitted with an emergency egress facility.

Glue Store is a national Australian retailer selling well known clothing, footwear and accessories from well known international and local brands such as Stussy, Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Champion and many more.

Powdercoated black and installed with a heavy duty extruded top track attached directly to structural supports above, the door included an emergency breakout door for egress  compliance with the BCA. This was required as the closure had been installed in an entry designated for emergency exit. The breakout door operates with a lever handle from the inside of the premises which allows for quick keyless egress. The breakout door hinges outwards on activation of the lever handle.

For further information on ATDC’s full range of commercial folding closures visit their website at or contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435.