Clearvision Roller Shutters for Rhodes Railway Station

Clearvision Roller Shutters for Rhodes Railway Station

The Australian Trellis Door Company’s (ATDC) new RS7 Clearvision security roller shutters were recently installed to secure a retail tenancy at Rhodes railway station.

We’re proud to introduce these shutters that combine the purposes of security and aesthetics while enticing customers. ATDC are constantly improving and expanding our shutter offerings to ensure the best for our clients in all commercial situations.

Railway Retail Security with Automation

Clearvision Roller Shutters for Rhodes Railway Station Australian Trellis Door Co NSW New South Wales
Clearvision Roller Shutters for Rhodes Railway Station

The RS7 Clearvision Shutter

These shutters have the latest automation technology with electric operation through security key switch activation externally from the premises. They are also available in a manual option with key lockable security.

RS7 aluminium roller shutters have a clear anodised finish, although the full range of Dulux powder coating finishes is available to suit any colour-matching requirements.

Clearvision rollers have a transparent polycarbonate curtain infill, permitting maximum through vision.


The Project

The project manager for this installation was Younis Shopfitting.

Clear roller shutters present an ideal solution for shops situated within bustling train stations for several compelling reasons. Their transparent design allows for maximum visibility even when the shop is closed, ensuring that potential customers passing through the station can still view the merchandise on display. This inviting aspect increases the chances of spontaneous purchases.

While providing protection against theft and vandalism, the transparent panels allow for continuous surveillance both inside and outside the shop. Shop owners can rest assured knowing that their merchandise is secure, while commuters can feel confident shopping in a well-lit and transparent environment.

This combination of visibility, accessibility, and security makes clear roller shutters an ideal choice for shops located within railways, maximising both visibility and security while enhancing the shopping experience for commuters.


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