Rapid Roll High Speed Doors Meet Challenges of Fresh Produce Manufacturing

The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) offers a wide range of rapid roll high speed doors suitable for use in fresh produce manufacturing, logistics and cold storage.

Consider the challenges faced by a large scale producer of fresh produce.  Take fruit as an example.  Such facilities generally consist of processing areas, storage coolers, and cold loading docks.  The cold loading docks need to be kept at specific temperatures.  Storage coolers within the loading dock areas need to be kept at different temperatures to ensure product integrity.  All areas need to be accessed by forklifts through numerous doorways.  The processing area needs to be kept at another temperature, at a lower humidity level than the others, to prevent food from “sweating” i.e. condensation that can spoil the food.

These different areas of the building need to be separated to help control temperature and humidity.  Rapid roll high speed doors are a perfect solution.  They operate quickly (high cycle time) preventing a large amount of warm air entering these areas when the doors are activated.  This in turn lowers energy costs.  The fabric of the doors also play an important role in temperature and humidity control, and hygiene.

These doors can employ motion sensors to activate the doors if a forklift is approaching.  This ensure forklifts don’t bump into them and damage them, requiring produce to be quickly moved to different locations of suitable temperature.  What’s more, certain rapid roll high speed doors can withstand impact from e.g. forklifts, meaning that if a forklift drives into these doors, they can reload themselves back into their tracks and continue operating as normal.  This minimises costly maintenance and downtime.

For further information on their rapid roll high speed doors contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435 or click here to visit the relevant page on ATDC’s website.


The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) has recently installed edgy, folding security shutters for The Body Shop at Robina Town Centre at the Gold Coast.

The Body Shop is owned by Brazilian company Natura.It is a global cosmetics,skincare and perfume company and has in excess of 3000 stores in more than 66 countries.

ATDC’s folding security shutters have been specified at multiple tenancies as retail shopfront doors throughout  this  QIC owned shopping centre.Working closely with well renowned project managers Ramvek,ATDC completed this installation under tight deadlines and with some challenging obstacles.Ramvek have a long history of quality fitouts for many prestigious local and international brands.

A primary challenge was the requirement for a special green colour powdercoated finish which is company policy  for all Body Shop stores across the globe.At issue was the fact that there is no precise  Australian Dulux powdercoat equivalent for  this special green colour and hence ATDC could not source this colour locally.ATDC had to send each individual metal link for the folding security shutters from their Sydney factory down to Ramvek’s Melbourne warehouse to be put through Ramvek’s powdercoating facility to apply the special powdercoat finish.These myriad  individual metal components had to then be freighted back to ATDC for reassembly in Sydney.Piece by individual piece!

Naturally this process took some time and hence the additional time pressures on ATDC given the fact that sizing for these folding security shutters had to be determined well in advance of the store being built.Here again Ramvek’s professionalism came to the fore with their  detailed CAD drawings of the planned store design and layout which were supplied in advance to ATDC.

ATDC had to make further allowances and adjustments (again in advance of obtaining final dimensions) to the height of these shutters since the new store was to have  sloping floors the exact height and gradient  which would only be able to be determined precisely once the finished floor was actually laid.This created numerous potential difficulties for example  with being able to achieve effective lock up of the store since the up/down locking mechanisms had to get sufficient purchase into the floor at various intervals.Extended floor throw bolts were developed by ATDC to achieve up to a 100mm fall in the finished floor level.For further technical information on ATDC’s S08 curved folding security shutters please refer to ATDC’s website at  https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/security-screens-and-screen-doors/stacking-doors-s08

And ATDC was able to perfectly match the special radius curves for these shutters again by following the arc as depicted in Ramvek’s CAD drawings.

The final result of the installation of these S08 model curved folding security shutters was quite  incredible as can be seen by the attached photographs .All of the challenging requirements were met and well on time for handover of the store to the customer for trading. For other similar stunning examples of this shutter in other locations refer to a recent  article at  https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/fw-spectacular-commercial-security-screens-kooringal-golf-club

ATDC’s folding security shutters are sold in Sydney,Brisbane,Melbourne,Adelaide,Perth and Canberra as well as in all regional towns across Australia including Geelong,Newcastle,Darwin,Hobart,Townsville,The Sunshine and Gold Coast areas.Also currently exported to The UAE,The Asia Pacific,South Est Asia and the pacific Islands.(www.trellisdoors.com.au/export/singapore )

For further information on their full commercial range of folding security shutters contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435 or visit ATDC’s website at  https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/security-screens-and-screen-doors

Security Shutters for Poker Machines in Bowling Club Gaming Rooms

The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) has recently installed its expandable security shutters at Kurri Kurri Bowling Club to protect their poker machines in their gaming rooms.  Kurri Kurri is near Cessnock in the Hunter Valley.

This resulted from a need for the club to both protect its  poker machines in their gaming rooms and also assist in the club’s compliance  with NSW smoking laws which prohibits smoking indoors in licensed premises and also requires smoking areas to be open to the outdoors so that the smoke from cigarettes is easily blown away.For further information on NSW smoking legislation see article at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/smart-commercial-roller-shutters-resolve-open-air-smoking-laws-for-club-operators

The shutters installed at the club are precision engineered and custom made to suit each of the apertures.They are top hung from structural support RHS steel members all designed , supplied and installed by ATDC and are powdercoated black satin to blend in with the club’s surrounding décor. The  shutters offer full ventilation being an open grille type door with a mesh infill.They expand and fold out of the way when not in use occupying a mere 15% of their expanded width.They are fully framed,lockable and secure.

ATDC’s expandable security shutters are available nationally in Australia and are also exported throughout the South East Asian region. www.trellisdoors.com.au/export/singapore

For further information please call ATDC toll free from anywhere in the country on 1800657435 or visit ATDC’s website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/security-screens-and-screen-doors

Retractable Security Shutters for Hotels

The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) has recently supplied its high end S09 retractable security shutters to an upmarket hotel project in Barbados.

Specified by Elements Architecture Ltd out of St James,Barbados, multiple shutters  were exported from Australia for this project.The end client was the  internationally renowned  Paradise Seeker Group which specializes in luxury resort accommodation with an emphasis on sophisticated style and taste.

These retractable security shutters were specified mainly for their weathering and anti-corrosive properties as well as their first class finish and high end appeal.For further information on the anti- corrosive properties of these shutters see article at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/all-aluminium-scissor-doors-and-gates-2

They are fabricated from anodised aluminium and were powdercoated for this project  in a Matt Dark Bronze Finish to match the finish of the surrounding aluminium window frames.With both stainless steel rivets and stainless steel fixings this product has all the necessary qualities to maintain its longevity in this highly corrosive marine environment.They have a high security 3 way locking mechanism which can be easily keyed to master security systems.Fully framed and retractable,these shutters fold back out of the way and out of sight when not in use and in this way maximize outlook and views..They are fully ventilated allowing the free flow of fresh air and permitting  maximum sunlight penetration into the rooms they are securing.For further information visit ATDC’s website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/home-security-doors/sliding-doors/aluminium-security-doors-s09

ATDC’s retractable security shutters are exported throughout the Asia Pacific,Southeast Asia,The Pacific Islands and the UAE.They are also available locally throughout  Australia.For further information please ring ATDC toll free on 1800 657 435 or for export enquiries from outside the country please ring 61 2 87232800. www.trellisdoors.com.au/export/hong-kong


The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) has recently installed folding doors  for security at The Australian National University’s Hancock Library in Canberra.

Specified by The Mill Design Company ,the project involved the installation of ATDC’s wide panel 300mm folding door in a black powdercoated finish.Unique to this project was the special radius curved aperture as well as the specification requiring the top half of the door to have a perforated mesh infill for ventilation whilst the bottom half had a polycarbonate infill.Like so many of ATDC’s projects the company had to deal with the challenge of sloping floors.Here again the adjustability in the throw of ATDC’s down locking mechanisms assisted in achieving seamless lock up for the customer.For further technical information on these doors visit https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/folding-doors-and-shop-doors

Project managers for the job were Boss Projects Group out of Kingston in the ACT.

ATDC is working on other prestigious university projects across Australia including at Deakin University in Burwood,Melbourne (specified by Ian McEwan Designs)  and at the University of Geelong (specified by Baade Harbour Australia Architects)(for Barwon Health).For further detail on these projects see article at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/quality-concertina-shutters-gain-market-traction

For further information on ATDC’s stylish folding doors visit their website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/folding-doors-and-shop-doors/fc1-folding-closures or contact ATDC toll free on 1800657435 from anywhere in Australia.