Congratulations to the team here at ATDC for winning the Canterbury Bankstown Local Business Awards.

Congratulations to the team here at ATDC for winning the Canterbury Bankstown Local Business Awards.

A wonderful reward for all the hard work our staff has collectively provided to our customers over the years. Competitive prices, innovative solutions, and uncompromising customer service. Meeting deadlines wherever you are in Australia and always delivering a quality product.

Market leaders in the supply of folding closures security doors, commercial/domestic roller shutters, trackless trellis barriers and retractable trellis security doors.

Congratulations again team, keep up the great work!

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NSW Master Security License: 410452552
QBCC QLD License number :15029633

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Multi-Purpose Commercial Security Roller Grille

ATDC has been a leading supplier of quality roller shutters for the commercial, hospitality and retail markets in Australia for nearly 40 years.

ATDC’s custom made all aluminum RS9 security roller grille with its toughened extruded metal links has become a popular choice for customers who are wanting a good security deterrent and also a product that offers optimum through vision and of course maximum airflow. A great solution to secure applications such as offices, medical centres, serveries, banks, hotels, clubs, malls, arcades, loading docks and retail shopfronts. It rolls up into a compact pelmet box so as to be almost invisible during trading. Both manual and electric operation are available and the finish either clear anodised or powder coated. Additional security can be provided where the grille is electric operated through installation of key switches to control access to select individuals.

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NSW Master Security Licence: 410452552 QBCC QLD Licence number: 1502963



New Concertina Door for the Australian Market

ATDC has launched a new version of its concertina door system which it is now offering to the Australian commercial, retail and hospitality sectors.

Unlike the conventional concertina doors that are currently available with solid curtain infills, this new bar grille design version is a refreshing departure from the norm with its open grille style of vertical 12 mm round aluminium rod which are reinforced for extra strength with an internal full height threaded steel rod. Natural benefits of this door include amongst others ventilation, light and through vision that it offers.

A recent installation at Cignall Tobacco at Macquarie Park near Sydney highlights these benefits. Project managed by Younis Shopfitting this 200mm wide panel concertina door is powdercoated black and poffers seamless up/down locking.

For further information visit ATDC’s website at

Unique Shopfront Doors

ATDC have installed its S04 Double Diamond Doors to secure the shopfront at Trek Bicycles in Richmond near Melbourne.

These doors are unique in that they retract sideways out of the way when not in use and can also hinge out of the way completely in the folded back stacked position so as not to obstruct trade.

Further unique features include the fact they can provide emergency keyless egress where required and their unique construction also makes it difficult for an intruder to reach through the screen to steal merchandise.

For further information visit ATDC’s website at

Functional, aesthetical, durable commercial sliding door

ATDC has recently completed an installation of its sleek looking FC1 commercial sliding door to secure the new Athlete’s Foot retail tenancy at Lismore Shopping Square in Lismore  near Brisbane.

Working closely with Ben Taylor and his team at National Shopfitting Services who were the project managers for this installation, ATDC’s clear anodised,300mm wide panel door was installed to suit an opening 6200mm wide x 2900mm high and was installed on time to meet the tight deadlines for the store opening.

For further information on this product see ATDC’s website at  or contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435.

Heavy Duty Shopfront Doors

ATDC has recently installed its heavy duty RS3 model shopfront doors throughout  13  individual tenancies at Luddenham Shopping Centre at Luddenham near Sydney.

With their double walled extruded aluminium slat infills for extra strength, these electric operated powdercoated doors also have individual key switch operation and so provide the individual tenant with additional security.

Folding up into slimline overhead pelmet boxes to conceal the door curtain when in the opened position, these doors provide an unobstructed storefront window during trading hours and so maximize the visual display of any  retail merchandise

For further information please visit ATDC’s website at

Widespan Concertina Doors to secure Oversize apertures

ATDC’s recent installation of its concertina doors secured the very large openings at the new Connor store which opened recently in Melton near Melbourne.

One of these openings is a massive 11m wide in expanse and nearly 3.8m high. The concertina doors easily covered this opening as the system glides effortlessly, suspended with heavy duty industrial grade wheel assemblies from a heavy duty extruded aluminium top track

Project manager for the installation was Ben Taylor’s highly professional fitout team from National Shopfitting Services.

For further information visit ATDC’s website at

Smart Security Gates are being increasingly specified to secure Federal, State and local government buildings and other public buildings

ATDC’s S06 sliding security gates have been installed for Warrnambool City Council at the entrance to their Learning and Library Hub at their Civic Centre building about a 3 hour drive from Melbourne.

Specified by Kosloff Architecture these lockable sliding security gates are virtually invisible when unlocked and open as they slide back on an extruded heavy duty aluminium top track. However when locked and deployed they provide an effective, secure barrier.

Project managers for this satin black powdercoated door were Wendouree based Nicholson Constructions.

For further information visit ATDC’s website at

Vermin Resistant Security Shutters Ideal for securing school canteens, kitchens, serveries, administration areas

Australian Trellis Door Co’s RS7 security shutters can be an effective vermin resistant security screen in certain circumstances.

These transparent security shutters have an optional slimline overhead pelmet box which encases the shutter curtain in the open position. The installation of a felt buffer (also commonly known as schlegel) in the  side guides and also a bottom rubber strip on the bottom rail are  additional methods of protection against vermin.

The series of photographs show an installation at Orange Preschool in NSW near Sydney. Project managers were FPS Constructions.

For ATDC’s full range of  security shutters see their website at


Unique Crowd Control Barrier Is Ideal to secure vulnerable electrical switchboards, gas meter boards and electrical data cabling

ATDC’S Double Diamond crowd control has some unique features.

It is a robust, lockable ,retractable, trackless barrier installed up to a maximum height of 2.5m high and has the cross metal infill linkages tightly interwoven so as to make it difficult for the public to both climb over the door and  also to put their hands through to reach either vulnerable electrical or data switchboards or to reach merchandise being protected on the other side of the barrier. The system is portable, mobile and relocatable. It can also pivot and hinge aside completely out of the way when folded back and stacked for storage.

The above photo’s show an installation for EG Fuels at Oran Park near Sydney which is a project that was managed by Baulkham Hills based Streetbuild Construction.

For further information visit ATDC’s website at

Effective Crowd Control Barrier for Woolworths Town Hall

ATDC has installed its Double Diamond doors as a crowd control barrier at  Woolworths Town Hall near Sydney.

Installation of Double Diamond Doors at Woolworths Town Hall

crowd control barrier
crowd control barrier

ATDC is proud to announce the installation of its state-of-the-art Double Diamond doors at Woolworths Town Hall near Sydney. This installation marks another successful deployment of our premium crowd control barriers, enhancing the security and operational efficiency of a major retail space.


Enhanced Security with Double Diamond Doors

The Double Diamond doors are specifically designed to provide superior security. These barriers are strategically installed to screen off the escalators, effectively preventing public access to the Big W section of the business, which is located on the top floor of the building. By restricting access after hours, these barriers play a crucial role in safeguarding the premises and reducing the risk of unauthorised entry.


Chosen for Superior Climb-Resistant Features

The Big W construction team selected the Double Diamond product for its unique design features. One of the standout features of the Double Diamond doors is their climb-resistant design. The intricate double diamond mesh pattern makes it exceptionally difficult to gain a foothold, thus preventing individuals from climbing over the door. This added layer of security is particularly beneficial in high-traffic retail environments where maintaining a secure perimeter is essential.


Tailored Solutions for Retail Environments

ATDC’s Double Diamond doors are tailored to meet the specific needs of retail environments. Their robust construction and advanced security features make them an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their crowd control measures. By providing a reliable and effective barrier solution, ATDC helps businesses like Woolworths and Big W maintain a safe and secure environment for their customers and employees.


Contact ATDC for Your Security Needs

For more information about ATDC’s Double Diamond doors and other crowd control solutions, please visit our website or contact us directly. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the best security solutions to meet your specific needs.

Are you experiencing supply delays in achieving lock up of your Commercial, Retail, Industrial premises?

If you need urgent lockup of your retail shopfront or your commercial or industrial premises look no further than ATDC’s ex stock fully assembled DIY expandable barriers.

There are no supply chain delays to immediately access our stock of these lockable, collapsible, steel constructed expandable which are available either to purchase or to hire as rentals. And they are economically priced too.

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