Congratulations to the team here at ATDC for winning the Canterbury Bankstown Local Business Awards.

Congratulations to the team here at ATDC for winning the Canterbury Bankstown Local Business Awards.

A wonderful reward for all the hard work our staff has collectively provided to our customers over the years. Competitive prices, innovative solutions, and uncompromising customer service. Meeting deadlines wherever you are in Australia and always delivering a quality product.

Market leaders in the supply of folding closures security doors, commercial/domestic roller shutters, trackless trellis barriers and retractable trellis security doors.

Congratulations again team, keep up the great work!

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NSW Master Security License: 410452552
QBCC QLD License number :15029633

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Our Retractable Security Doors Comply with Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions of the BCA

Our Retractable Security Doors Deemed Compliant with BCA – We recently had our retractable security doors tested against various deemed-to-safety provisions of the BCA and we’re compliant! View more about our findings.

Australian Trellis Door Company™ (ATDC™), Australia’s leading supplier of retractable security doors, has recently had its retractable security doors tested against various Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions of the BCA to enable their use in shopping centres when installed in a path of travel to a required exit.

Accredited certifier Greg Murrow of Murrow Consulting, an expert in the field of BCA fire safety provisions and building regulations in NSW, has, after thorough analysis concluded that, subject to certain conditions, ATDC’s retractable security doors do in fact comply with the Deemed- to -Satisfy Provisions of the BCA, namely:

1. BCA Clause D1.6 (a): The subject prototype retractable security door has a height of no less than 1980mm

2. BCA Clause D2.21 (a)(i):
a. The subject prototype retractable security door is readily open-able without a key from the side that faces a person seeking egress, by a single hand downward action on a single device which is located between 900mm and 1.1m from the floor.
b. The subject prototype retractable security door lever handle is such that the hand of a person who cannot grip will not slip from the handle during the operation of the latch; and has a clearance between the handle and the back plate or door face at the centre grip section of the handle of not less than 35mm and not more than 45mm

Limiting Conditions:

The proposed retractable security doors:

1. BCA Clause D.1.6 (g):
a. Shall not diminish the existing unobstructed egress width of exits and paths of travel to exits within shopping centres.

b. Shall be cut back on the side that faces a person who is seeking egress, to maintain the unobstructed egress width during a swinging door action, when the door is open or in the process of being opened.

To obtain a full copy of Murrow Consulting’s report, please contact ATDC on 1800 657 435.

Alternatively for more information on ATDC’s full range of retractable security doors sold in the residential, commercial and industrial markets in:
• Sydney
• Melbourne
• Perth
• Adelaide
• Brisbane
• Darwin
• Newcastle
• Geelong
• Canberra
• all regional centres across Australia

For more information about our security trellis doors, please visit ATDC’s website.

ATDC Announces Launch of New Website and Logo

The Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC™) is proud to announce the launch of its new website and corporate logo. View the new website here

New Industry Leading Website

A 6 month collaboration with The Website Marketing Group has produced an industry leading website showcasing the latest product releases and innovations recently introduced to ATDC’s already extensive range of security doors, roller shutters and folding closures.

The new website features independently audited product test results as well as detailed OH+S benchmark testing, all supported by comprehensive video footage and professional colour photographs. This has resulted in a finished product which is a unique industry reference point for security doors, roller shutters and folding closures.

With a dedicated export segment, an e-commerce functionality as well as a section catering specifically for architects, designers and specifiers, ATDC’s new website is detailed, informative and authoritative whilst still remaining user friendly.

Our Projects

Our management team has written many interesting and newsworthy articles detailing many of the prestigious projects that ATDC has partnered on both in Australia and around the globe including projects at Heathrow (London) International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Taiwan.

More Information and Locations

For more information and to view ATDC’s new corporate logo and website please visit or call 1800 657 435 for more information on our quality range of cutting edge security doors, roller shutters and folding closures which are now available for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Darwin as well as all regional centres and towns across Australia.

ATDC Specialises in Safety Barriers in the Industrial Sector

The Australian Trellis Door Company™ (ATDC™) specialises in safety barriers which are ideal for restricting access to heavy plant and machinery and so preventing injury from potentially dangerous moving parts making them a vital organisational health and safety tool in the industrial sector.

Specialised Industrial Safety Barriers

Examples of dangerous machinery to guard against personal injury include robotic arms, coiling machines and conveyor belt systems. Read the full description on our barriers here.

Safety Applications

Fabricated from robust high tensile steel components, these expandable safety barriers also have further safety applications in factories, warehouses and other workplace locations in preventing accidental slips and falls and in restricting access to sensitive areas such as those containing hazardous substances and high value inventory.

Expandable Safety Barriers

These safety barriers are trackless and are manufactured to operate on heavy duty thermoplastic bottom castors making them portable, easy to manoeuvre and mobile and able to be set up in multiple locations in the same premises as the need for employee safety and access control arises. In addition they are modular and as such can be manufactured to unlimited spans securing the widest possible openings.

Numerous wall mounted and/or floor mounted locking solutions exist as well as the added feature of lockable bottom wheels all of which enhance the level of security offered by these safety barriers-these options can be tailored to the particular requirements of each individual workplace. And digital card readers allow for 24 hour access for selective staff and employees.

These expandable safety barriers can also be used to secure elevated work platforms as well as lift shafts and open pits.

Our Design Engineers

Smart innovations from ATDC’s design engineers include the double diamond mesh version of the safety barrier making it virtually impossible for a human adult’s hand to reach through the barrier providing that extra degree of safety for staff members.

Recent independent testing of these expandable safety barriers at a NATA approved facility confirms that, in certain circumstances, they pass most of the requirements of the relevant Australian Standard 4687-2007 for Temporary Fencing and Hoarding. In addition ATDC has Australia’s first independently audited written WHS Risk Assessment for its barrier products another first from ATDC’s innovative design engineers.

More Information and our Locations

In addition to ATDC’s steel barrier range, a full range of aluminium barriers is also available. (

The safety barriers are now sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and all regional centres across Australia. For more information contact ATDC on 1800 657 435 or visit

ATDC’s Smart Shipping Dock Gates

warehouse 3

Innovative Method of Security

Australian Trellis Door Company™’s (ATDC™) smart shipping dock gates are an innovative method of securing factory loading docks, warehouses, hangars, logistics and distribution centres.

Unlike many options currently available on the market, ATDC’s smart loading dock gates are trackless, lightweight, and very easy to operate, running on a series of heavy duty bottom rubber castors. Read more about our Concertina Safety Screen System here.

These loading dock safety gates are slimline, compact and space efficient folding back to less than 15% of their expanded size with an additional hinge aside/pivot facility allowing these shipping dock safety gates to rotate completely out of the way when folded back so as not to obstruct loading or unloading of goods on to vehicles.

The Manufacturing Process

ATDC’s smart gates are strong and robust, being manufactured from rigid square tubular steel sections and locked into place with a selection of multi point locking mechanisms which can be keyed to most master key systems. An after hour and / or 24 hour access feature to the business premises is an additional optional feature through the use of digital card readers which can be affixed to these smart gates. A further smart locking option is ATDC’s BCA compliant keyless egress exit which allows for emergency egress in the event of fire or other emergency.

These gates are completely see through allowing almost total through vision for OH+S and workplace safety and assist in preventing accidental slips, falls and injury.

An effective inventory control tool by allowing secure storage of merchandise and hazardous materials, these loading dock gates are fully ventilated permitting the free flow of fresh air making them conducive to protecting perishables and fresh produce. And ATDC’s double diamond mesh version has tightly woven metal cross linkages making it very difficult to pass small items of stock through these gates making them even more secure.

The gates are an effective access control aide restricting access to a limited number of staff and preventing unauthorized entry to secure areas.

Safety Gates Sold Across Australia

ATDC’s loading dock safety gates are now sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and all regional cities across Australia. For more information visit or call our toll free number 1800 657 435 from anywhere in Australia.

Innovative Warehouse Racking Gates for Inventory Control

Innovative Warehouse Racking Gates for Inventory Control

Australian Trellis Door Company™’s (ATDC™) versatile steel warehouse racking gates are a unique and effective inventory control aide for valuable merchandise or hazardous materials. For more information on these gates view our website here.

These warehouse racking gates are fully ventilated and completely see through allowing one at all times to visualize the position of the stock being secured. With a quick turn of a key, ATDC’s warehouse racking gates are easily unlocked and open and slide completely out of the way allowing you to access the stock quickly and efficiently. A unique hinge aside facility/pivot facility allows unobstructed access to all stock on the racks allowing you to complete a quick and time efficient stock take at all times.

Racking Gates for Space Efficiency

These warehouse racking gates are slimline, compact and space efficient however with their robust tubular steel construction and multi point locking mechanisms provide a strong a robust loss prevention tool. A great deterrent to would be intruders and as a barrier restricting access to both valuable and sensitive merchandise to a selective number of authorized employees.

Protect Stock with Steel

ATDC’s latest version of the warehouse racking gate, the double diamond door, prevents persons putting their hands through the gate to reach the secured stock since the pitch between the steel cross links is a tightly woven 65mm.

Security for Retailers

Relevant for retailers looking to secure their valuable merchandise such as cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, laptops, cosmetics and the like, the warehouse racking gate is another great innovation from ATDC and they are now sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and all regional centres across Australia.

For more information on ATDCs full range of warehouse racking gates visit or contact us toll free on 1800 657 435 from anywhere in Australia.

Warehouse Racks Unlocked
Warehouse Racks Unlocked
Warehouse Racks Locked
Warehouse Racks Locked

Scissor Doors and Gates for Secure Residential Applications

There’s a prevailing opinion in the market place that Security scissor doors and security scissor gates only have application in a commercial, industrial or retail environment.

The public have typically seen security scissor doors installed on shopfronts, in shopping centres, on warehouses, in hotels pubs and restaurants and in many other retail and commercial applications.

What is not generally known is that there is a significant demand for these security scissor gates in the residential market whether it be to secure sliding glass doors and windows, patio doors, French doors, alcoves, carports, passageways, bi fold glass doors and front doors. For more information on these security doors including specs and images visit our page here.

Security Barrier Systems

Unlike many security barrier systems currently available on the market Australian Trellis Door Co’s (ATDC™) security scissor gates fold back out of the way when not in use behind curtains or blinds to 15% of their expanded size making them almost invisible. At night they provide a strong and formidable barrier to burglars.

When locked and closed ATDC’s residential security scissor doors allow maximum daylight to filter into the room they are securing as well as permitting the free flow of fresh air and ventilation, keeping the room light, fresh, bright and breezy.

Residential Security Doors – Maximum Strength

Precision engineered from either toughened steel or marine grade aluminium, ATDC’s extensive range of residential security scissor doors have multi-point locking options, full frames for maximum strength and rivets constructed from either brass or stainless steel providing that extra reassurance of strength and resistance to an external force or impact.

ATDC’s top of the range S03™ heavy duty scissor door is the only security scissor gate on the Australian market which complies with the relevant Australian Standards for sliding security doors. For more information on this product, including specifications and images click here.

Available Across Australia

ATDC’s range of residential security scissor gates are available for sale in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra and in all regional towns in Australia. For more information on these and ATDC’s extensive range of commercial security scissor doors and security scissor gates please visit  or contact ATDC on 1800 657 435.

Retractable Steel Security Doors for Educational Institutions

The Australian Trellis Door Company™ (ATDC™) has completed a very large installation of its S08™ and S05™ retractable steel security doors at the prestigious Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School in Melbourne’s Keilor East.

ATDC were specified for the project by Melbourne based architectural firm McBride Charles Ryan which worked closely with ATDC in detailing all aspects of the security door installation for this large school project. Challenges which had to be overcome included securing very wide curved apertures with pronounced sloping floors as well as the absence of walls to lock the security doors on to.

Retractable Steel Security Doors

ATDC were able to recommend both their S08™ and S05™ retractable steel security doors for the school which helped overcome all design and installation challenges including the provision of seamless up/down keyturn shootbolt locking mechanisms which were easily keyable to the schools restrictive master key system. The 4 metre high overhead fixing points were well within the height specification of ATDC’s retractable security doors.

Working closely with project managers Construction Engineering, ATDC assisted in achieving timeous lock up under very tight deadlines. ATDC’s retractable steel security doors were installed over school entries, hallways, passageways, alcoves, doors, windows, classrooms, playground access areas, school hall, library and service desk areas.

Security for Institutions

ATDC’s retractable steel security doors are also suitable for securing many educational institutions such as technical and trade colleges, universities, schools, kindergartens, daycare centres as well as other government and public buildings such as museums, exhibition centres and art galleries.

Sold Across Australia

ATDC’S retractable steel security doors are now sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra as well as all regional centres across Australia.

For more information on ATDC’s full range of commercial and residential retractable security doors please contact us here or call 1300 289 159.



Clubs Combat Smoking Provisions With Security Barriers

Clubs Combat Smoking Provisions With Security Barriers

Current legislation bans smoking indoors across NSW’s 3,700 licensed venues. The legislation allows smoking in areas which are 25 per cent open to the elements (known as the “75/25” open air provision), whilst smoke needs to be allowed to be blown away. Venue operators have been putting significant effort and expense into modifying their gaming areas to accommodate the smokers.

Trellis Style Doors

One relatively inexpensive product becoming increasingly popular with these venue operators to assist compliance with the 75/25 rules, is the S06™ Trellis Door, available from the Australian Trellis Door Company™.

The open-style nature of these expanding steel trellises allows smoke to blow away through the doors. They also provide excellent security to the clubs’ expensive gaming machines out of operating hours. Furthermore, when desired, these trellis doors can be opened to the sides and tucked away completely from site.

Security Doors – Heavy-duty Steel

The doors are made from heavy-duty steel and are secured on each end by auto slam-locking posts, or they can be fitted with emergency egress locking. They are top-hung and come with a number of bottom track options including fixed, recessed, hinged or removable. Use of a bottom track can be avoided completely and replaced by the use of patio bolts. The doors can operate in a straight line or may be curved through a radius of 600 degrees (S08™ Curved Trellis). For storage purposes, these doors are folded away to the side of the opening and may be recessed into a cupboard.

More Information

For further information please contact The Australian Trellis Door Company™ Pty Ltd on (02) 9519 0844 or visit their web site on

Shopfront Security Doors for Movie Theatres and Entertainment Venues

Shopfront Security Doors for Movie Theatres and Entertainment Venues

The Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC™)’S S06™ shopfront security door has recently attained a further security rating after testing against the Australian Standards. This is the first such security rating ever in Australia for a trellis security door. The tests were carried out by Azuma Design which is a NATA accredited testing laboratory. Having passed the Dynamic Impact and Anti-Jemmy tests earlier in 2013, the S06 has last month also surpassed the last relevant test deemed applicable for Trellis type door systems, namely the Pull test. In this test a significant Newton Pull force is applied for specified lengthy periods of time with mechanical levers at various points on the trellis door mesh in an attempt to force it open. The S06 again succeeded.

Top Security Rating

The security rating is testament to both the quality of ATDC’s range of shopfront security doors as well as a vote of confidence in the integrity and skills of ATDC’s management team and engineering department. No other trellis type security door in this country has achieved any security rating as measured by Australian Standard 5039 and this should give the consumer full confidence that when it installs the S06 security system to their premises that they have the protection of a security barrier that meets the highest quality standards.

Shopfront Security Doors

ATDC’s shopfront security doors are now being utilized to secure many entertainment venues, movie houses, theatres, gaming areas, pubs, hotels and restaurants. Greater Union Cinemas, Reading Cinemas, Hoyts and Dendy Cinemas are all frequent repeat customers in the movie industry. Many hotels are using ATDC’s security systems including Star City Casino, Radisson Hotels, Accor Hotel Group, Sydney’s Regent Hotel, Marriott Hotels and many more.

In these examples ATDC’s S06 shopfront security doors have been used to provide a barrier against forcible break in and enter and also against vandalism whilst its S04-1 security door has been used more as an access control system providing a crowd control barrier within the foyers, walkways and entries to the movie houses.

Security Roller Shutters from The Australian Trellis Door Co

Although the focus recently has been placed on new ways to protect your commercial and residential properties from crime and potential dangers, we must remember and consider the more traditional and reliable ways to protect your home and work. Roller shutters have consistently been one such reliable way to increase security. Roller shutters are cost effective and proven. Trellis Doors are experts in the roller shutter field and have a range of commercial and residential roller shutters for you to select depending on your needs and budget.

Security Roller Shutters from The Australian Trellis Door Co

Protect Your Windows with Shutters

A roller shutter, roller door or sectional overhead door is a type of door or window shutter consisting of many horizontal slats (or sometimes bars or web systems) hinged together. Roller shutters are used as a method of insulation and can protect windows against hail damage. In this Australian climate, any further weather protection from the conditions is an additional bonus.

Investing in a roller shutter may seem like a big cost to bear but when you think about the total cost of replacing damaged and stolen goods or the invaluable cost of the safety of your family, it is a small price to pay. In a 2011 paper from the NSW Government on retail crime, the paper found that theft is the number one cause of loss in retail. Another interesting key finding the report highlights is as retailers spent less on loss prevention and security during the economic crisis, theft from stores increased. Although economic times are tough at the moment, cutting corners and spending less on security is not a good way to save money in the long term. By cutting costs in this area, you could potentially be setting yourself up for even greater costs down the track. This goes hand in hand with an article from The Sydney Morning Herald that states crime against small businesses is rising due to increased financial pressures. When times are tough, people turn to crime. This is why it is essential to have good and proven security measures in place.

The Australian Climate

With the increasing speculation over climate change, the Australian climate is very unpredictable and at times quite harsh. The Telegraph outlines that Sydney experienced its warmest cold season in 150 years. If this is any indication of what is to come, Sydney and other parts of Australia could be on track for one of the hottest summers yet. With the increase in electricity, methods such as air conditioning are more expensive than ever. Roller shutters are a great way to keep the house cool in summer without the big bill every month. With Trellis Doors roller shutters, your home is up to 90% cooler in summer and up to 70% warmer in winter, while you also get year-round protection against intruders, noise, rain, hail, wind, debris and damaging UV rays. Investing in roller shutters is a great way to avoid hefty electricity bills down the track.

Automatic or Manual Shutters

Now that you’re considering investing in roller shutters, the next thing to look at is automatic or manual roller shutters? A recent article outlined the key points for and against manual and electric roller shutters. The article states that electric roller shutters are very easy to use, convenient and you can open and close them whenever you want, wherever you are. You can also fit sensors in electric roller shutters and they tend to be low maintenance. However, electric roller shutters are more expensive and take longer to install. For those on a tight budget, electric roller shutters may not be a feasible option. Manual roller shutters on the other hand are very popular as they are very cost effective and the crank/winder is very easily accessible and easy to use. However, manual shutters are not as convenient; you need to open and close them yourself and can require more maintenance than electric shutters.

The Leading Experts

Trellis Doors are the experts and are leading the way in roller shutters. Trellis Doors have a wide range of shutters available for both commercial and domestic applications. Commercial roller doors include: RS3 Window Roller Shutters, RS4 Commercial Security Shutters, RS5 & RS6 Electric Roller Shutters, Wide Span Roller Shutters, RS7 ClearVision Commercial Roller Shutters, RS8 Economy Aluminium Roller Shutters and RS9 Rolling Security Grille. For domestic shutters, Trellis Doors offers the ever reliable RS1 Domestic Security Roller Shutters. The roller shutters have commercial grade strength and slimline design. You have the choice of automatic vs manual and a variety of colours to choose from. The roller shutters are custom made every time and come with a 5 year warranty.

Enquire Now

If you’re interested in roller shutters, please look at our commercial or domestic shutters on our website. Or enquire now for more information.

Expandable Security Doors for International Airport Contracts

The recent success of The Australian Trellis Door Company™’s (ATDC™) expandable security door installations for retailers at Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne International Airports has led to similar successful projects at overseas international airports such as Heathrow International, Hong Kong International, and Nadi (Fiji)International Airport.

Expandable Security Doors for Airports

The above image shows one of 4 recent installations at Port Moresby International Airport, Papua New Guinea where ATDC’s expandable security doors have been installed to secure large retail tenancies at the airport’s recent upgrade. With security of stock and property a primary concern for these retailers, ATDC’s expandable security doors were specified by numerous Australian based architectural firms which were looking for a cost effective security door capable of spanning very wide expanses across irregular shaped openings which had no overhead support structure –ATDC’s expandable security door satisfied all these requirements, folding neatly out of the way when not in use these trackless expandable security doors are stored in joinery cupboards on the extremities of the openings or simply wheeled away on their heavy duty bottom castors and stored off site.

Access Control Measures

More recently the world renowned Plaza Premium Lounge Network has installed ATDC’s expandable security doors at the entrance to its lounge at Terminal 2, The Queen’s Terminal, Heathrow International Airport. Plaza Premium Lounge is a global service brand headquartered in Hong Kong. It operates in more than 120 global locations in 28 airports and has over 2500 employees. ( Plaza Premium has installed ATDC’s trackless expandable security door as an access control measure –the barrier is installed across the entry to the business lounge –this particular opening has minimal fixing points and the overhead structure is too high for a cost effective overhead door to be fitted. And ATDC’s precision engineered barrier with its high quality exterior powdercoated finish was deemed suitable for the high profile location

Contact Us Today

For more information on ATDC’s expandable security doors (which now carry a full OH+S certification and Temporary Fencing and Hoarding certification) please call 1800 657 435 from anywhere in Australia.