ATDC Specializes in Safety Barriers in the Industrial Sector

ATDC Specializes in Safety Barriers in the Industrial Sector

The Australian Trellis Door Company™ (ATDC™) specializes in safety barriers which are ideal for restricting access to heavy plant and machinery and so preventing injury from potentially dangerous moving parts making them a vital organizational health and safety tool in the industrial sector. Examples of dangerous machinery to guard against personal injury include robotic arms, coiling machines and conveyor belt systems. Read the full description on our barriers here.

Safety Applications

Fabricated from robust high tensile steel components, these expandable safety barriers also have further safety applications in factories, warehouses and other workplace locations in preventing accidental slips and falls and in restricting access to sensitive areas such as those containing hazardous substances and high value inventory.

Expandable Safety Barriers

These safety barriers are trackless and are manufactured to operate on heavy duty thermoplastic bottom castors making them portable, easy to manoeuvre and mobile and able to be set up in multiple locations in the same premises as the need for employee safety and access control arises. In addition they are modular and as such can be manufactured to unlimited spans securing the widest possible openings.

Numerous wall mounted and/or floor mounted locking solutions exist as well as the added feature of lockable bottom wheels all of which enhance the level of security offered by these safety barriers-these options can be tailored to the particular requirements of each individual workplace. And digital card readers allow for 24 hour access for selective staff and employees.

These expandable safety barriers can also be used to secure elevated work platforms as well as lift shafts and open pits.

Our Design Engineers

Smart innovations from ATDC’s design engineers include the double diamond mesh version of the safety barrier making it virtually impossible for a human adult’s hand to reach through the barrier providing that extra degree of safety for staff members.

Recent independent testing of these expandable safety barriers at a NATA approved facility confirms that, in certain circumstances, they pass most of the requirements of the relevant Australian Standard 4687-2007 for Temporary Fencing and Hoarding. In addition ATDC has Australia’s first independently audited written WHS Risk Assessment for its barrier products another first from ATDC’s innovative design engineers.

More Information and our Locations

In addition to ATDC’s steel barrier range, a full range of aluminium barriers is also available. (

The safety barriers are now sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and all regional centres across Australia. For more information contact ATDC on 1800 657 435 or visit