Clubs Combat Smoking Provisions With Security Barriers

Clubs Combat Smoking Provisions With Security Barriers

Clubs Combat Smoking Provisions With Security Barriers

Current legislation bans smoking indoors across NSW’s 3,700 licensed venues. The legislation allows smoking in areas which are 25 per cent open to the elements (known as the “75/25” open air provision), whilst smoke needs to be allowed to be blown away. Venue operators have been putting significant effort and expense into modifying their gaming areas to accommodate the smokers.

Trellis Style Doors

One relatively inexpensive product becoming increasingly popular with these venue operators to assist compliance with the 75/25 rules, is the S06™ Trellis Door, available from the Australian Trellis Door Company™.

The open-style nature of these expanding steel trellises allows smoke to blow away through the doors. They also provide excellent security to the clubs’ expensive gaming machines out of operating hours. Furthermore, when desired, these trellis doors can be opened to the sides and tucked away completely from site.

Security Doors – Heavy-duty Steel

The doors are made from heavy-duty steel and are secured on each end by auto slam-locking posts, or they can be fitted with emergency egress locking. They are top-hung and come with a number of bottom track options including fixed, recessed, hinged or removable. Use of a bottom track can be avoided completely and replaced by the use of patio bolts. The doors can operate in a straight line or may be curved through a radius of 600 degrees (S08™ Curved Trellis). For storage purposes, these doors are folded away to the side of the opening and may be recessed into a cupboard.

More Information

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