Expandable Safety Barriers

Whether you are a home owner or business owner, The Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC™) has a full range of heavy duty and budget grade retractable security doors to suit your application and secure your premises. There are many advantages in using retractable security doors instead of other security systems currently available on the market.

In a domestic application alternative products include stainless steel mesh screens, steel wrought iron and aluminium security doors and domestic roller shutters Stainless steel screens are great however they tend to darken the room whereas retractable security doors allow all the sunlight in making your home bright and airy (SO2 1 ultra deluxe security door system).

Aluminium roller shutters are excellent to secure smaller windows however are not very secure over larger openings such as sliding glass bifold doors as compared to retractable security doors which can secure any opening no matter how wide (SO3 concertina security door system).

Wrought iron doors and aluminium security doors are limited in that they cannot compact back to a manageable size when unlocked and open and so hence tend to obscure your views and create a jail-like effect as compared to retractable security doors which fold back out of the way and tuck away neatly behind curtains or blinds so as to be almost invisible (SO1 economy safety door system).

In commercial applications roller shutters tend to be limiting where headroom is limited and also on wider openings it becomes necessary to use intermediate removeable mullions which tend to be unwieldy and can often lead to maintenance problems and OH+S issues for staff.Retractable security doors on the other hand occupy no head room and can span almost any width at all (SO5 1 heavy duty commercial steel security door).

Roller shutters are difficult to install on curved apertures whereas retractable security doors can accommodate curves as tight as 90 degrees over a 600mm tight radius making them particularly suitable for curved shopfronts,curved restaurant frontages and the like (SO8 curved trellis security door).

Trellis door products available Australia wide and in all major cities Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.