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Large External Window Shutters – RS5 & RS6

The RS5, RS5 High Density, RS6 and RS6 High Density Roller Shutters enable you to cover larger openings in one piece, whilst providing maximum security.

The RS5, RS5 High Density, RS6 and RS6 High Density Roller Shutters offer a smart design that allows users to cover larger openings in one piece and at the same time ensure optimal security. Typically utilised as external shutters, these are perfect for securing large shop fronts, commercial and industrial buildings.

They are also available in a manual configuration.

Why should you choose the RS5 or RS6 for your business?

  • The Strongest Roll-formed Aluminium Shutters in Australia
    This range of roller shutters are the most trusted external window shutters today due to their cutting-edge materials and craftsmanship. The units consist of a series of interlocking aluminium slats, injected with normal (or high density) polyurethane, and coated in fade-resistant and abrasion-resistant enamel. Our testing against competing brands concludes they are the strongest roll-formed aluminium shutters on the Australian market.
  • Very slim profile for such a wide span
    These roller shutters roll up into a box much smaller than any other types of shutter doors capable of spanning such openings. As outdoor shutters, they provide protection against heat, cold, noise and other unwelcome elements. They can be configured without a motor for manual operation and have an internal locking mechanism to lock the shutter in position when down.
  • The RS5 is Bushfire RatedThe RS5 shutter meets the requirements of WFRA Standard FES02™5 C Version 2.31.2: Performance of External Construction Elements Subjected to Simulated Bushfire Attacks, Part C: Radiant Heat Test, issued July 2004 when exposed to 29-kW/square metre total heat flux.In the opinion of the CSIRO, the RS5 shutter is suitable for the protection of windows from radiant heat from bushfires, and satisfies the performance required to protect windows of clause GP5.1 and Clause P2.3.4 of the Building Code of Australia 2005 (subject to certain installation and window coverage conditions). This makes the R55 line a good choice for your properties requiring the installation of external shutters and outdoor shutters.

Note: this does not apply to the RS5 High Density, RS6 or RS6 High Density roller shutters.

  • Comes in 15 high-gloss colours, to match your business
    Your roller shutters or external window shutters improve the look of your premises as you can choose from a wide variety of powdercoated finishes in 15 high-gloss colours from the Dulux PowderCoat range.
  • Custom Made, Every Time
    Every span is a different height and width, so your Roller Shutters are measured and cut to size by our professional tradesmen every time. This ensures the best fit and the most secure product.
  • The Australian Trellis Door Company™ is Properly Licensed
    Our Master Security Licence Number is 408031732. This is your assurance that all the work we do is compliant with industry standards, so you can feel confident that you are dealing with a company that has your safety and security at heart.
  • 12 Month Warranty on Motors and Aluminium Slats
    We offer a full 12 month warranty on all motors and aluminium slats used in the construction of your roller shutters as long as they are maintained in accordance with our care guidelines on our Warranty page

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