Smart Loss Prevention Control Barrier assists businesses forced to operate with lower staffing numbers

With many businesses in the current climate forced to operate with reduced staff numbers and less work hours, there has been a steep uptick in demand to source innovative and cost effective unmanned solutions to assist employers in loss prevention control for both business assets and inventories.

Whereas your business may have previously offered a 24/7 manned service such as serviced offices, hotel, backpacker or hostel accommodation or in instances where lower staff numbers are now being utilized due to a reduced  demand for services such as freight and logistics businesses, couriers and postal services companies or even warehousing services, an increased need has arisen to find a passive barrier system to assist employers to  maintain a cost effective loss prevention and inventory control system.

The Australian Trellis Door Company’s (ATDC) smart loss prevention barriers are ideal. They are available quickly ex stock at an affordable price to either purchase or hire. They are lockable, mobile and trackless and are easily transportable and relocatable and so can be used in multiple locations  within the same business as the need arises. Available in standard height options of either 2 or 2.5 metres, they operate on a series of heavy duty bottom thermoplastic non marking castors. Tested for safety by an externally NATA accredited laboratory and OH+S compliant, they also have the option of an emergency exit facility for quick keyless egress under the BCA.

For further information On ATDC’s full range of smart loss prevention control barriers visit their website at  or contact them toll free on 1800657435 from anywhere in Australia.


Security doors and shutters for Liquor stores, bottle shops, chemists, pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol stations, medical centres, hospitals, railway stations and other government buildings

Whether you are a liquor store, bottle shop, chemist, pharmacy, supermarket, convenience store, petrol station, medical centre or hospital then The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) has a security door and shutter to secure your premises.

ATDC’s unique range of security doors and shutters fold completely out of the way when not in use so as to be almost invisible however when your premises are locked and secured at night they provide a formidable security barrier.

ATDC’s range is available Australia-wide with many of their security products available ex stock for immediate despatch. Some are available for hire or lease as well as to purchase. And some are available as a partitioning measure to separate out  certain parts of your business.

Whether your business is still trading during this lockdown period or whether you are required to hibernate your business due to the Coronavirus pandemic, ATDC can assist you with your security door and shutter requirements. Visit their website at or contact ATDC now toll free from anywhere in the country on 1800657435.

High End Commercial Folding Doors with Perforated Metal Infill

The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) is a leading manufacturer of high end commercial folding doors suitable for retail, hospitality, schools, universities, medical centres, canteens, counters and other commercial applications.

The folding doors are suspended from a heavy duty aluminium extruded top track and the  curtain is manufactured from extruded aluminium sections with interlocking hinges and industrial grade rollers which creates the folding action

ATDC’s  flagship folding door has a perforated aluminium metal infill which allows for ventilation and free flow of fresh air making this door particularly suitable for fresh food and alcohol and beverage applications. This toughened mesh infill also  provides a more secure lock up solution to premises  requiring an upmarket image and it  also permits a certain degree of through vision and so allowing display of any merchandise.

The door has a series of intermediate up/down locking mechanisms which are used to secure it over the full span of the opening without the need for any fixed posts or removeable mullions and in this way a completely seamless and customer friendly lock up solution is provided.

The mesh infill can be powdercoated in any of the powdercoated finishes from the Australian Dulux powdercoating chart.

For further information visit ATDC’s website at or contact them toll free on 1800657435 from anywhere in Australia.

Stylish Commercial Folding Closures ideal to secure Schools, Universities, Colleges, TAFES and other Educational Buildings

Kensington Secondary School in WA has recently installed ATDC’s Commercial grade folding closures to secure multiple applications at this independent public school located 4 kilometres from Perth.

The school administrators selected ATDC’s polycarbonate infilled doors for a number of reasons including  the fact they allow light to pass through the translucent materials and they  also  protect the school from the outside elements to a large degree. An additional attraction is the ability to lock the closures in the open position through the use of its seamless up/down locking mechanisms and in this way prevent the students from moving the doors.

Other infill options for these sideway stacking folding closures include  a ventilated perforated mesh infill or even a solid aluminium sheeting infill. Powdercoated finishes are available to the Dulux Australia powdercoat range.

For further information contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435 or visit their website at


ATDC’s S08 curved security doors are proving to be increasingly popular in the Australian commercial marketplace for both specifiers, developers, landlords and other property owners.

These robust steel sliding curved security shutters which are suspended from a heavy duty support track and can be arched around a 90 degree angle through a 600mm radius are proving to be very effective to secure curved shaped apertures such as counter tops, reception areas, serveries, restaurants and cafes, hotel and office lobbies and many more. S- shaped configurations are also achievable. They are ideal for ventilation and free flow of fresh air.

Through a series of updown locking mechanisms a user friendly seamless lockup solution is  offered to customers. Available up to a height of 4100mm,the potential span is unlimited. No floor track is required nor are any cumbersome removeable mullions .

ATDC also offers its FC1 aluminium curved security shutters as an option to the curved S08 steel security shutters. These curved shutters are available up to a height of 4500mm and are available in different panel width options (300mm,200mm and 150mm).Infill materials can be either a solid translucent polycarbonate or a ventilated perforated mesh. Further information can be found at

ATDC can be contacted toll free on 1800657435 from any where in Australia.