The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) has recently installed its portable expanding barricades to the Woolworths metro store at Armadale, an inner city suburb of Melbourne.(image attached)


This installation was a  prototype application to secure Woolworths’  liquor aisles with a portable expanding barricade that would deter  persons from being able to reach the bottles of alcohol through the barricade or alternatively if they were indeed able to reach through the barrier then to prevent them being able to pass bottles of alcohol through it.The results were successful and the barricade is serving its purpose as a powerful loss prevention tool reducing both theft and shrinkage.This is addition to its dual purpose function of ensuring that  the licensee is compliant with the prevailing state liquor licensing legislation.

ATDC ‘s S04-1 DD (Double Diamond) mesh portable expanding barricade was the product of choice for this interesting  Armadale application with its tightly interwoven mesh creating a narrow 65mm pitch between the metal cross linkages making it extremely  difficult to reach through the barrier.The black powdercoated barrier at Armadale is 2020mm high and has a seamless  floor mounted locking arrangement to secure the installation ie rather than attaching and locking  the barrier to the aisle structure itself-the floor mounted locking mechanism has  a surface mounted laser cut stainless steel floor plate to which the barrier engages at each end and locks.During trading hours the trackless, portable barricade is wheeled away on heavy duty non marking rubber bottom castors to back of house for storage completely out of sight.For further information on the double diamond mesh barricade visit www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/barriers-and-cafe-barriers/safety-barriers-s04-1dd

The double diamond mesh portable expanding barricade has been tested for safety under the latest OH+S legislation and it has also been tested by an independent NATA testing authority for compliance with numerous provisions of the Australian Standards for Temporary Fencing and Hoardings AS 4687-2007,namely for dynamic impact,simulated climbing and foothold aperture tests,having passed these tests successfully.The successful testing also confirms this steel fabricated product’s characteristics as being rigid,formidable and strong yet extremely easy to operate.

ATDC is already installing these  barricades  to other members of the Woolworths organization including both BWS and Dan Murphy’s liquor stores.See article at www.trellisdoors.com.au/bws-select-quality-portable-fencing

ATDC’s double diamond mesh barriers have the added advantage of being compliant under certain circumstances with the emergency exit provisions of the BCA-See article at www.trellisdoors.com.au/our-retractable-security-doors-comply-with-deemed-to-satisfy-provisions-of-the-bca


For further information on ATDC’s comprehensive  range of both steel and aluminium barricades visit their website  at  www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/barriers-and-cafe-barriers  or contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435.

ATDC’s portable expanding barricades are now sold in Sydney,Melbourne,Brisbane,Perth,Adelaide and Canberra as well as in all regional centres across the country including Darwin,Townsville,Sunshine Coast,Gold Coast,Newcastle,Wollongong and Geelong.These barricades are now also being successfully exported to South East Asia,The Asia Pacific region,The Pacific Islands and the UAE.See www.trellisdoors.com.au/export/singapore







The well reputed Kooringal Golf at Altona in Melbourne recently briefed The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) to design and install a  20 metre wide curved commercial security screen to divide  a large function room at the golf club.


ATDC’s S08 curved commercial security screen was installed with architecturally designed special radius curves to suit this application.Multiple keyed alike up/down keyturn locking mechanisms were fitted which lock a bolt up into the top track and down into the finished floor to achieve seamless lock up and  keyed alike  to the club’s master key system.And the absence of any floor tracking at all removed the potential risks of any trip hazards.For a recent article on ATDC’s curved door please refer to ATDC’s website at www.trellisdoors.com.au/atdc-completes-expanding-door-installation-for-healthcare-facility-in-sydney


The elegantly configured lines of this unique curved commercial security screen are ideal to secure curved radius applications including curved shopfronts and office showrooms,curved restaurants ,museums and library facades –maximum height achievable is 4200mm from ceiling to finished floor.Note that the stock standard radius curve accommodates  a 90 degree angle through a 600mm radius turn.And figure 8 /S-bends are readily achievable where required.Parallel top tracking configurations are also possible  for minimizing storage size compaction rendering this the most space efficient commercial security screen currently available on the Australian Market.For further information on ATDC’s S07-2 side-by-side stacking security screens visit their website at www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/security-screens-and-screen-doors/scissor-doors-s07-2


Whilst the finish of the security screen at Kooringal is in a professional high gloss pearl white powdercoat,ATDC’s alternate standard colour is  black satin.Note however that  the doors can be colour matched to any fitout environment  by virtue of the fact that they can be matched to any finish  in  the Australian Dulux powdercoat range .


This premium grade commercial security screen is now available for sale in Sydney,Melbourne,Brisbane,Adelaide,Perth and Canberra as well as all regional towns across the country such as Darwin,Hobart,Townsville,Newcastle,Geelong and it is currently being exported to South East Asia,The Asia Pacific region,Pacific Islands and the UAE.For further information on ATDC’s growing export business see ATDC’s website at www.trellisdoors.com.au/export/singapore


For further information contact ATDC toll free on 1800657435 or visit ATDC’s website at www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/security-screens-and-screen-doors/stacking-doors-s08 .


The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) is proud to announce that it is the preferred supplier of portable fencing to the BWS liquor group nationally across Australia.


BWS (or Beer Wine & Spirits) is an Australian chain of liquor stores  owned by Woolworth’s Endeavour Drinks which also owns Dan Murphy’s,Cellarmasters and Pinnacle Liquor.It is Australia’s largest retailer of liquor with well over 1400 Stores across Australia.


ATDC is supplying and installing its portable fencing in differing applications –first and foremost as BWS shopfront door closures  inside shopping centres and secondly  as store dividers within Woolworths supermarkets where it is being used to separate  BWS stores from the supermarket area of Woolworths.The latter is often a requirement of the prescriptive liquor licencing laws which vary from state to state.The attached image shows a recent installation at a new BWS store at Chadstone in Victoria.The fencing systems installed at Chadstone are at  a standard height of  2020mm (note that 2520mm is an alternate standard height)and are mobile and free standing, requiring no headroom and their width is unlimited due to their semi-modular design.They are manufactured from precision engineered  steel sections and have wall mounted and floor mounted  locking options. They are compact and stable but  easy  to operate running on a series of heavy duty 75mm rubber non marking bottom wheels.For further information on ATDC’s portable fencing please refer to ATDC’s website at www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/barriers-and-cafe-barriers


ATDC’s portable fencing systems are also being installed across the liquor display aisles in  Woolworths Metro stores where it is being used as a loss prevention tool to deter theft of alcohol.In these applications ATDC’s double diamond mesh portable fencing systems are being utilized-these systems have the door mesh very tightly interwoven so as to reduce the pitch between the cross links and so making it more difficult for would be thieves from reaching through these barriers to reach the liquor on display.For further information on ATDC’s double diamond mesh barrier see website at www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/barriers-and-cafe-barriers/safety-barriers-s04-1dd


ATDC’s precision engineered portable fencing is also being used by many other blue chip corporates across Australia including including for Coles Supermarkets and Liquorland stores.See article at www.trellisdoors.com.au/safety-barrier-complies-with-liquor-licensing-laws


Other suitable applications for ATDC’s portable fencing include securing  pop-up stores, kiosks and other temporary retail tenancies, access control for shopping centres and public buildings (eg railway stations, airports, ferry stations, bus terminals), Worksafe applications such as building  sites, sports stadiums, public events, securing of bonded warehouses,factories and loading docks.For further applications see article at www.trellisdoors.com.au/expanding-barricades-ikea


For further information on ATDC’s portable fencing please contact ATDC toll free on 1800 657 435 from anywhere in Australia or visit ATDC’s website at www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/barriers-and-cafe-barriers/fencing-s04-1. ATDC’s portable fencing is sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra and regional centres  across the country including Sunshine Coast,Gold Coast,Newcastle, Wollongong, Geelong, Townsville, Hobart and Cairns. ATDC’s portable barriers are also being successfully exported to Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and throughout Southeast Asia as well as the Pacific Islands.




The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC)  has seen a sharp rise in demand for its cutting edge expandable fencing to secure bonded warehouse facilities in Australia.


A bonded warehouse (also known as a customs warehouse) is typically a secured warehouse facility that is closely supervised by Australian customs authorities,where dutiable imported goods are stored pending their re-export,release or assessment and payment of duties and taxes. The dutiable goods may,while in such storage also be manipulated by cleaning,sorting,repacking or changing their condition by processes that do not equate to manufacturing.The goods may then be re-exported without paying duty or they may be withdrawn for local consumption on payment of the applicable duty.

There are numerous other advantages of such a service including the flexibility to have imported shipments moved quickly from the wharf  for short-term storage,unpacking and deconsolidation and thereby avoiding the high storage charges otherwise applicable if the shipments were to remain indefinitely at the arrival port or air terminal.

Businesses utilize these services knowing their goods are also safe and secure-The holder of the warehouse licence is responsible for the safe custody and accounting of these goods to the satisfaction of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection-generally security personnel monitor these facilities 24 hours a day.Further,CCTV cameras and strict  inventory control systems  have traditionally been used to bolster the level of security on offer.More recently ATDC has seen a rise in demand for its expandable fencing which allows the bonded warehouse to secure the loading dock entries and thereby the perimeter of the facility whilst the other entry doors to these premises are unlocked and open.For further information on ATDC’s expandable fencing see www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/barriers-and-cafe-barriers

Being trackless and expandable,this expandable fencing does not interfere with the  controlled movement of freight trucks  or forklifts into and out of the bonded facility.The free standing expandable fencing is available in standard heights of either 2020mm or 2520mm-it is formidable and strong being manufactured from high tensile steel sections and with multi-point locking options.Running on a series of heavy duty 75mm non marking rubber wheels,the fencing is very easy to operate and has been tested for safety under the relevant OH+S legislation and the Australian Standards for Temporary Fencing and Hoarding.Further compliance testing has been carried out for satisfying the relevant deeming provisions of the BCA for emergency egress where this is required.For further information see article at www.trellisdoors.com.au/our-retractable-security-doors-comply-with-deemed-to-satisfy-provisions-of-the-bca

ATDC’s expandable fencing is available for outright purchase or for hire on a short or long term basis.For further information on ATDC’s rental product visit www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/retractable-barriers-and-expandable-barriers

The image attached shows the recent installation of 2520mm high premium grade expandable fencing by ATDC at Seaway Logistics’ bonded warehouse facility  in Port Botany,Sydney ,Australia.

ATDC’s product range is available in both a steel or aluminium product selection.For further information on ATDC’s aluminium expandable fencing please visit ATDC’’s website at  www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/barriers-and-cafe-barriers/aluminium-expandable-barriers  or contact ATDC toll free from Anywhere in Australia on 1800657435.The expandable fencing is sold in Sydney,Melbourne,Brisbane,Adelaide,Perth and Canberra as well as in all regional areas across the country including Newcastle,Geelong,Sunshine Coast,Darwin,Hobart and Townsville.The fencing is also exported throughout South East Asia,The Asia Pacific and The Pacific Islands.For export information visit www.trellisdoors.com.au/export/singapore






The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC)’s commercial folding doors are having  a massive impact on Australia’s retail shopfront  market with significant market traction in all Australian States as well as  in South East Asia and the Asia Pacific region.

ATDC’s market penetration has been swift and impressive with its space efficient 300mm wide panel and its 150mm slimline panel commercial folding doors which are attractive,stylish and strong and occupying only a minimal amount of storage space once unlocked and opened.These commercial folding doors provide a  seamless lock up solution with their up/down locking mechanisms which alleviates the need for any floor track as well as any cumbersome removeable mullions.Well known brands  already on board include Cotton On,Collette,Gloria Jeans,Rockmans,Chemist Warehouse,Just Cuts,Bay Audio,Flight Centre ,Escape Travel and many more. For further information see website at www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/folding-doors-and-shop-doors/fc1-folding-closures


Trade specifiers and end-users alike are taking to these cutting edge commercial folding doors  which have a low friction operation with their  interlocking hinged folding panels suspended by a series of heavy duty industrial grade top wheel carriages from an extruded aluminium top track .This low resistance operation promotes both  functional integrity and longevity and facilitates ease of  operation by the operator on the ground.The extruded top track can traverse radius curves to accommodate curved and angled apertures such as curved shopfronts,curved showroom windows,curved counter tops,reception areas and office frontages.Where required,an S-bend (or figure 8) configuration is also quite readily  achievable.For further information see article at www.trellisdoors.com.au/supplies-concertina-doors-delacombe-town-centre


The attached image shows a recent installation for Napoleon Perdis at the Canberra Centre.The project manager on this job was Premier Displays.Napoleon Perdis is a highly  successful Australian originated cosmetic range which is sold from over 4500 outlets across the globe.