The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) is pleased to announce its involvement in the new Delacombe Town Centre,a $60 million shopping centre development at the corner of Glenelg Highway and Cherry Flat Rd,Ballarat,only an hour and a half drive to the centre of Melbourne.Anchor tenants at the site include Woolworths and Kmart as well as 35 smaller specialty stores,as well as a  500 seat,6 screen Showbiz cinema and medical centre.


ATDC has supplied its premium grade concertina doors to multiple tenancies at the centre including Direct Chemist Outlet,Tatts Lotto,Just Cuts,Toyland,Smart Dollar,Che Modea and more.


As the nominated door contractor for the centre,ATDC worked closely with developer and construction company H.Troon in ensuring timeous delivery under very tight deadlines of its concertina doors.


The concertina doors supplied by ATDC were primarily its 300mm wide panel FC1 model door which  is fabricated from heavy duty extruded aluminium sections with interlocking hinges  suspended from a rigid top support track by industrial grade hangars  allowing the curtain to fold in a low friction action making it easy to operate and giving it a longer lasting lifespan. For further information on  ATDC’s concertina doors view our product information page.Note that ATDC also manufactures a slimline 150mm wide concertina door panel where required.For further information on ATDC’s slimline panel door see article on the launch of the new Slimline Panel Accordion Door in Australia.



These concertina doors were all supplied with  secure seamless up/down locking mechanisms, thus providing all tenants at Delacombe Town Centre  with a speedy, efficient, user friendly lock up option without the need for cumbersome removable mullions. Numerous tenancies also had emergency egress locking options as specified under  BCA, which provide an emergency breakout door solution where required.

All ATDC’s concertina doors at Delacombe Town Centre were supplied with a polycarbonate infill and some tenancies were supplied with doors completed in a natural anodised finish whilst others had a powdercoated finish applied.It should be noted that other infill options are available including perforated mesh or solid aluminium.

ATDC’s concertina doors are customized to each particular project –the span is unlimited and the maximum height is 4500mm-curved apertures are not a problem as the doors can accommodate either a 90 degree curve over a 600mm radius (for the wide panel FC1) or even over a 405mm radius for the slimline panel option. S-bend configurations are also easily achieved where required as well as special curved radii.


ATDC’s concertina doors are now sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Canberra as well as across all regional towns across the country including Newcastle, Geelong, Townsville, Darwin and Hobart. For further information on ATDC’s range of concertina doors and its other range of quality commercial door systems please contact ATDC on 1800 657 435 from anywhere in Australia or view our product information page for more specific details.ATDC’s concertina doors are also available for export and are currently being exported to Singapore,Vietnam,Hong Kong and throughout South East Asia,The Asia Pacific,The UAE and the Pacific Islands.For further information on ATDC’s burgeoning export business see ATDC’s website at


The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) is pleased to announce the  installation of its expanding barricades for Ikea’s Richmond outlet in Melbourne.


Ikea is a multi national group and  is the world’s largest furniture retailer with over 400 stores in 49 countries and has sales turnover in excess of 36 billion euros per annum.Ikea sells furniture,home accessories and kitchen appliances.It was founded in Sweden but is headquartered in the Netherlands.


The expanding barricades  installed at Ikea’s Richmond store  are mobile and trackless and have been configured in the most space efficient  way to prevent access to the store by sealing off entry via the escalators in the shopping centre. The  barricades are generally a very effective  access control measure and are often utilized in shopping centres,public and government buildings and entertainment venues for this reason.Being trackless and portable  the expanding barricades require no overhead support structure making them very easy and cost effective  to install since no permanent overhead structural bulkheads are required.

The barricades installed at Ikea Richmond are at a standard height of 2020mm.A standard height of 2520mm is also available and non – standard heights are also available at a premium. The width of these expanding barricades is unlimited due to their unique semi-modular design No matter how wide the span,ATDC always assembles the barricades in manageable sections which are easy and safe to operate –this is achieved by utilizing  intermediate locking mechanisms to separate the barrier into sections.

Fabricated from hardened precision engineered steel sections and with numerous  locking options available, these expanding barricades are formidable and secure  yet are lightweight to operate running on a series of heavy duty 75mm bottom thermoplastic rubber non marking castors. Both steel and aluminium expanding barricades  are available depending on the application with the latter more suitable for installation in a highly corrosive marine environment. For further information on the aluminium expandable gates including specifications and images view our page here.Available in s


OH+S tested for workplace safety and with a comprehensive  and independent WHS Risk Assessment,  ATDC™’s expanding barricades  are  leaders in the temporary barrier field and are also independently tested for the rigorous dynamic impact and  simulated climbing requirements   under the Australian Standard AS 4687-2007 Temporary Fencing and Hoardings . Further testing has been successfully completed for emergency egress under the Building Code of Australia (BCA) in applications where this is  required.For further information on recent  temporary fencing tests please refer to article at here.


Ideal applications for ATDC’s expanding barricades  are to achieve temporary lockup for pop-up stores, kiosks and other temporary tenancies, access control for shopping centres and government and  public buildings (such as railway stations and passenger terminals for instance at  airports, ferry stations), Worksafe applications such as construction sites, events, entertainment venues, securing factory warehouses and loading docks.Also very effective as a  loss prevention tool against theft of merchandise. ATDC’s expanding barricades  are also available for hire in instances where an outright purchase is either unsuitable or beyond one’s capex budget.. For further information on some of these safety applications please read our article here.


ATDC’s expanding barricades are now sold in Sydney,Melbourne,Adelaide,Brisbane,Perth and Canberra as well as in all regional centres across the country including Darwin,Hobart,Townsville,Geelong and Newcastle and are now also exported throughout Southeast Asia,The Asia Pacific,Pacific Islands and the UAE.For information on ATDC’s growing export business visit


For more information on ATDC’s expanding barricades  please contact ATDC toll free on 1800 657 435 from anywhere in Australia or visit our website here.






The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) has solved a previously  problematic security issue for Australia’s leading shopping centre group and potentially for all other shopping centres (and similar high volume public entry points to buildings) across the nation.


A rise in the number of break and enters through the main entry doors into shopping centres in Australia has become a burning issue in recent times.This problem is further complicated by the fact that shopping centre entry doors normally fall within the restrictive deemed to satisfy provisions of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and its emergency egress requirements.Hence the difficulty of providing effective security screening which does not fall foul of this quite onerous legislation.


Westfield Doncaster in Melbourne have recently successfully trialled the installation of ATDC’s expandable safety barriers within the airlocks at the entrance to its main entrance in an effort to deter further break-ins to its shopping centre.


The expandable safety barriers  installed at Doncaster comply with the BCA’s deemed to satisfy provisions in all relevant respects namely:


i)the barrier has a height not less than 1980mm;


ii)the barrier does not diminish the existing unobstructed egress width of exits and paths of travel to exits with in the shopping centre;


iii)the barrier can slide open as well as swing open;


iv)numerous provisions relating to doorways serving as a  required exit or forming part of a required exit are not applicable since the barrier is instead a door in a path of travel to a required exit


v)it is readily openable without a key from the inside by a single downward action on a lever positioned approximately 1m from the floor; and


vi)the handle is of a type that the hand of a person who cannot grip wont slip;and the handle has clearance from the back plate of between 35mm and 45mm


ATDC has received an independent certification of compliance-For further information on ATDC’s BCA compliance see their  website at


ATDC manufactures a wide range of expandable safety barriers in both steel and aluminium depending on the particular application.These barriers are portable,trackless,lockable and free standing and are available in either a white or black powdercoated finish.The barriers comply with existing OH+S legislation for workplace safety and in certain instances they comply with the Australian Standards for Temporary Fencing and Hoarding including dynamic impact,foothold and simulated climbing tests.For further information on ATDC’s range of  barriers on offer visit ATDC’s website at


Suitable applications for ATDC’s expandable safety barriers include achieving temporary security for pop-up stores, kiosks and other temporary retail tenancies, access control for shopping centres and public buildings (such as railway stations and passenger terminals for instance at airports, ferry stations, bus terminals), Worksafe applications such as construction sites, sports stadiums, public events, entertainment venues, securing of warehouses and loading docks. ATDC’s expandable safety barriers are also available for hire on a long, medium term or short term basis.


For further information on ATDC’s commercial and industrial portable barriers please contact ATDC toll free on 1800 657 435 from anywhere in Australia. ATDC’s expandable safety barriers are now sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra and in all regional towns across the country including Newcastle, Wollongong, Geelong, Townsville, Hobart and Cairns. ATDC’s expandable safety  barriers are also being successfully exported to Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and throughout Southeast Asia as well as the Pacific Islands.





The Hawkesbury Mail Boat,the famous Riverboat Postman has,since 1910, delivered the mail and other essential items to the  settlements upriver from Brooklyn including Kangaroo Point,Bar Point,Dangar and Milson’s Islands,Marlow Creek,Fisherman’s Point and Milson’s Passage.


The new main office distribution point for the Riverboat Postman is situated directly above the water  at Brooklyn (which is about an hour’s drive from Sydney) and  has recently been fitted with folding security doors from The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC).


ATDC supplies a comprehensive range of cutting edge aluminium folding security doors which are suitable for installation in marine grade environments where the atmosphere has an extremely high saline content level.Typical such suitable applications include installations in beachside and riverside homes and outdoor restaurants,cafés,shops and other similar public and commercial premises.


ATDC manufactures three  different styles of aluminium folding security doors designs namely the S09 Alumax  and the  S10 Aluminium T-max as well as the S04-1 ALU trackless door.For further information on ATDC’s world class  S09 Alumax which incorporates stainless steel fixings and concealed stainless steel rivets, visit ATDC’s website at aluminium scissor doors gates.And for further information on the S04-1 ALU visit


Whilst the S09 and S10 folding security doors are both fully framed with triple contact locking points,the S04-1 ALU is a mobile and trackless system with multi-point locking options.Suitable to the discerning homeowner or business owner,all of ATDC’s aluminium folding security door systems are manufactured from marine grade aluminium and combine strength,excellent aesthetics and world class corrosion resistance.They fold sideways almost entirely out of the way and out of sight when unlocked and open.For further information on the S10 Aluminium T-max and its superior grade technical design visit ATDC’s website at aluminium scissor doors and gates

ATDC’s range of aluminium folding security doors are now sold in Sydney,Melbourne,Brisbane,Adelaide,Perth and Canberra as well as in all regional towns across the country including Newcastle,Geelong,Darwin,Townsville,Cairns and Hobart.ATDC’s aluminium folding security doors are now also being successfully exported to South East Asia,The Asia Pacific,The UAE and The Pacific Islands.(see

For further information on ATDC ‘s full range of folding security doors please ring  1800 657435 or visit their website at