Commercial Expanding Trellis Security Doors

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Steel Security Grilles – S07-1™ Pivoting Security Screens Stack Minimisation

ATDC™’s S07-1™ pivoting security screens or grilles simply hinge out of the way when not in use, allowing for a completely unobstructed opening where required.

Commercial Steel Security Grilles

Steel Security Grilles are great for optimising a clear opening where stacking is an issue.


Why should you choose S07-1™ Steel Security Grilles for your business?

  • They pivot away from foot traffic, meaning an unhindered entrance
    When opened, S07-1™ grilles pivot on strong hinges to reveal less than 5% of their closed width. The pivoting action allows a maximum rotation angle of 90° from the line of the doorway, meaning shop fronts, loading bays, counters, internal doorways, public thorough fares, showcase windows and food courts are totally unobstructed. The floor channel is removable or can be supplied on a hinge and folded up when not in use.
  • 95% Solid Steel means Massive Strength
    Custom made every time, S07-1™ grilles are a fully-framed steel construction made from 95% solid steel for ultimate strength. Our Heavy Duty hinges help to maintain their integrity and easy operation once in the open and pivoted position.
  • Custom Made
    Every building is slightly different, so our S07-1™ grilles (like every trellis product we manufacture) are measured and cut to size by our professional tradesman every time.
  • Colour options
    S07-1™ grilles are available in 2 standard exterior quality colours (Black Satin and Pearl White), and with a short extension on the regular production time they can be matched to your business perfectly using the Dulux PowderCoat range.
  • Long Lasting Security
    Our S07-1™ grilles have been treated to increase strength, powdercoated in an exclusive epoxy resin and galvanised against corrosion, so they will be a working asset for you for many years.
  • Security Screws used on External Fixings
    Whenever a screw is required on the external side of a security door or security window we use industry-leading security screws that cannot be undone with ordinary tools, to increase your protection.
  • Unique Quick-Action Keyless Lock Improves Protection
    The Slamlock which is fitted to S07-1™ grilles locks instantly as the door is shut. It features a 12mm pin for extra strength, 3 locking points for maximum grip and a double hook for extra strength!
  • Security-plus
    The locking cylinder fitted to this door is made by a subsidiary of Assa Abloy and locks at three points to ensure that your security system cannot be easily defeated.
  • Flexibility
    S07-1™ grilles have practically no width or height limit. The grade & profile of the frame will vary according to the width & height of the S07-1™ as wider spans can require even stronger materials.
  • The Australian Trellis Door Company™ is Properly Licensed
    Our Master Security Licence Number is 408031732. This is your assurance that all the work we do is compliant with industry standards, so you can feel confident that you are dealing with a company that has your safety and security at heart. Your security doors will give you peace of mind and comfort when you need it.
  • 12 Month Warranty
    We offer a full 12 month warranty on all S07-1™ grilles that are maintained in accordance with our care guidelines on our Warranty page

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