Who Makes the Best Security Doors

Searching for the Best Security Door Providers

When shopping for security doors and systems, many people ask the question “Who makes the best security doors?” While this is a highly subjective question, there are a number of features that characterise the elite Australian security door providers.

Read on to learn some of the defining features of prominent security door companies in Australia.

Look for a Licensed Provider

Start by searching for companies that have been licensed by an official regulatory body. For example, in New South Wales you should look for companies that have been awarded a Master Security Licence by the NSW Police. This accreditation signifies a high level of expertise that has probably been gained after years of service. Master Security Licence Holders are generally at the very top of their industry.

Always look for the most important security door certifications in your state before choosing a provider.

Research Their Trading History

Once you have identified the premium security door providers in your area, you should start to research their brand history. Look at how long these brands have operated for, what products they offer and what customers have had to say about their products. In the 21st century, this couldn’t be easier thanks to the World Wide Web. Our access to the internet means that there is no excuse not to do your research on a security door provider.

Look for companies with a history of product excellence, honesty and customer satisfaction during your search. These traits, in addition to the necessary industry certifications, should indicate a top quality option.

Always Ask about Warranties

To learn more about the integrity and honesty of a company, we recommend reading through their warranty terms. This binding contract can reveal a lot about your potential supplier’s code of ethics and moral fibre. Always ensure that you completely understand what you are getting before signing any contract. Look for a company that has been in business for longer than the warranty of their contracts.

The Australian Trellis Door Company™

The Australian Trellis Door Company™ has maintained an exceptional reputation as one of the very best security screen and door companies in the country. ATDC is headquartered in Sydney but we have branched out and secured national representation. We hold the appropriate NSW Master Security Licence while also adhering to the appropriate national regulatory standards in our industry. ATDC is proud to set the standard for security doors and we maintain an ongoing commitment to excellence and the very best security products.

Got a question about security door installation? Contact the experts at The Australian Trellis Door Company™ today, or call our toll free number on 1800 657 435.

How Much Do Security Doors Cost

Putting a Price on Safety – How Much Do Security Doors Cost?

For most homeowners and businesses, security doors are a long term investment that’s worth making. They can help protect your property from theft and damage and they guard your family or employees from potential danger. When it comes to protecting heirlooms, products, housemates and pets, you can never truly set a maximum price. Spending a little bit extra on your security door should be seen as a priority, not a hassle.

At The Australian Trellis Door Company™, we are passionate about providing the best security doors and shutters at affordable prices. Check out our guide to find out how much your security doors might cost.

Some Pricing Examples

In Australia, the price of security windows, doors and screens will vary depending on the size and style you choose.

Our entry level stainless steel security doors are priced at around $995 including GST, while our entry level trellis security door for front doors are priced at around $1595, including GST.

For securing your sliding doors, the proportional price rate for the trellis security doors drop markedly, depending on how large the opening is.

Contact us for further information about pricing.

Do They Comply with Industry Standards?

The cost of your new security door will largely depend on its quality compared to the recognised industry standard.

Security doors that comply with Australian standards 5039-2008 will be more expensive than those that are uncertified. While it may sometimes be tempting to go for the cheaper, non-certified option, this is something that we strongly advise against.

Certified security doors are more expensive for a reason. These products have undergone rigorous testing and they are proven to stand up to intruders and forceful impacts. Without this testing, there is no way of knowing if your new door will be able to keep out would-be burglars. Always pay a little extra for the peace of mind that certified security doors will give you.

Never Settle for Less than the Best

There are several materials you should look for in a security door. Always ensure that your provider is using solid, full surrounding frames, triple contact quality locking mechanisms, and non-pivoting solid rivets. These materials will ensure the highest levels of security for your property.

While these products will translate into a more expensive final product, you can’t really put a maximum price on your safety.

Always Get Competitive Quotes

When you’re in the market for domestic or commercial security products, never settle for the first option without seeing what their competitors are offering. While you should be willing to pay for the best, it’s never in your best interest to pay above the market premium for your security door or shutter. Instead, look for the best available product at the most competitive price.

For more information on our expanding security doors and screens, contact the team at The Australian Trellis Door Company™ today. Call our toll free number today – 1800 657 435.