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Blind & Shutters – RS1

The RS1 Security Roller Shutters can be rolled away from the window when preferred, allowing users a full view of their outside environment. Chic, discreet and powered with security features, this line of blinds and shutters is the perfect solution for modern homeowners.

Our Security Roller Blinds and Shutters are sleek and unobtrusive, blending in with the overall appearance of your home while providing excellent security.

Why should you choose the RS1 Roller Shutters for your home?

  • They roll out of sight when they’re not needed
    The RS1 Security Roller Shutters roll totally from view when they aren’t needed, leaving your windows unobstructed. This means your home is up to 90% cooler in summer and up to 70% warmer in winter, while you also get year-round protection against intruders, noise, rain, hail, wind, debris and damaging UV rays.
  • Increase the Value of  Your Home
    Unlike fixed black security screens that offer protection but look unappealing, our products disappear from view when you don’t need them to secure your property. Let the sunshine and breeze flow freely during the day, and use the RS1 Security Roller Shutters to protect your home at night. The right choice of shutter blinds makes a big difference in how open and attractive your home looks to visitors and potential buyers in the future.
  • Enjoy Ease of Use and Ultimate Security
    This line of Security Roller Blinds and Shutters can be controlled manually or electronically from inside your home. By adjusting the distance between the slats, you can easily create a softly-lit atmosphere. An internal mechanism locks the shutter in position when it is fully extended, but you can add additional security by way of our key locking system which will increase the shutter’s strength and resilience against burglars. Remember that burglars look for an easy way into your house. Derail their attempts for a couple of minutes and they’ll give up and move to an easier target.
  • Benefit from Exceptional Quality and Strength
    RS1 Security Roller Shutters are a system of interlocking, architectural strength, aluminium slats, injected with polyurethene and coated in fade and abrasive-resistant enamel.
  • Save Time with No-Fuss Maintenance
    The non-corrosive characteristics of these shutter blinds mean maintenance is practically nil. No need to worry about rust; just wipe the blinds and shutters down from time to time. This makes them perfect for any house, especially those close to coastal areas.
  • Roller Shutter Quality is ensured by a meticulous 3 stage test
    i. First we test the technical properties of the aluminium and the binding quality and resistance of the polyammidic paint that produces an “orange peel” finish which is of particular resistance to abrasion.
    ii. Then we test and monitor the equipment that controls the roll forming cycle, to ensure the perfect shaping of the aluminium coil and the proper process of injection of polyurethanic resins.
    iii. Then we conduct sample testing of the finished product, to guarantee its conformity with manufacturing standards.
  • Our Roller Shutters come in a Wide range of Colours to suit your home
    15 colours, standard for all profiles, will satisfy the most discerning tastes.
  • Get Top-notch Protection in Bushfire-Prone Areas
    Our Roller Shutters and shutter blinds provide an effective barrier to flying ash in bushfire-prone areas. CSIRO also considers these roller shutters as suitable for the protection of windows from radiant heat from bushfires, and that it satisfies the performance required to protect windows of clause GP5.1 and Clause P2.3.4 of the Building Code of Australia 2005 (subject to certain installation and window coverage conditions). The RS1 shutter meets the requirements of WFRA Standard FES02™5 C Version 2.31.2: Performance of External Construction Elements Subjected to Simulated Bushfire Attacks, Part C: Radiant Heat Test, issued July 2004 when exposed to 29-kW/square metre total heat flux.
  • The Australian Trellis Door Company™ is Properly Licensed
    Our Master Security Licence Number is 408031732. This is your assurance that all the work we do is compliant with industry standards, so you can feel confident that you are dealing with a company that has your safety and security at heart.
  • 5 Year Warranty on Motors and Aluminium Slats
    We offer a full 5 year warranty on all motors and aluminium slats used in the construction of your roller shutters as long as they are maintained in accordance with our care guidelines on our Warranty page

Next step: a free no-obligation measure and quote

To see just how quickly the RS1 Roller Shutters can be fitted to your home and how great these blinds and shutters will look, use the Enquire Now button above. One of our very experienced salespeople will come to your home at a time that suits you for a no-obligation measure and quote.

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