Expandable Security Doors for International Airport Contracts

Expandable Security Doors for International Airport Contracts

The recent success of The Australian Trellis Door Company™’s (ATDC™) expandable security door installations for retailers at Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne International Airports has led to similar successful projects at overseas international airports such as Heathrow International, Hong Kong International, and Nadi (Fiji)International Airport.

Expandable Security Doors for Airports

The above image shows one of 4 recent installations at Port Moresby International Airport, Papua New Guinea where ATDC’s expandable security doors have been installed to secure large retail tenancies at the airport’s recent upgrade. With security of stock and property a primary concern for these retailers, ATDC’s expandable security doors were specified by numerous Australian based architectural firms which were looking for a cost effective security door capable of spanning very wide expanses across irregular shaped openings which had no overhead support structure –ATDC’s expandable security door satisfied all these requirements, folding neatly out of the way when not in use these trackless expandable security doors are stored in joinery cupboards on the extremities of the openings or simply wheeled away on their heavy duty bottom castors and stored off site.

Access Control Measures

More recently the world renowned Plaza Premium Lounge Network has installed ATDC’s expandable security doors at the entrance to its lounge at Terminal 2, The Queen’s Terminal, Heathrow International Airport. Plaza Premium Lounge is a global service brand headquartered in Hong Kong. It operates in more than 120 global locations in 28 airports and has over 2500 employees. ( Plaza Premium has installed ATDC’s trackless expandable security door as an access control measure –the barrier is installed across the entry to the business lounge –this particular opening has minimal fixing points and the overhead structure is too high for a cost effective overhead door to be fitted. And ATDC’s precision engineered barrier with its high quality exterior powdercoated finish was deemed suitable for the high profile location

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