Heavy Duty Commercial Roller shutters by ATDC

ATDC has recently installed  its heavy duty extruded RS3 commercial roller shutter at Toymate’s new store at Watergardens Shopping Centre at Taylors Lake, a suburb north west of Melbourne.

Finished in a striking bright Blaze Blue powdercoat from the standard dulux duralloy powdercoat range, these electric operated shutters each spanned a width of 4m wide x 3m high. The installation required battery back up facilities to prevent any down time in trading  in the event of a future power failure in the shopping centre. Extra security was provided by the installation of key switches which restricts the number of persons able to operate the shutters.

Project manager for the installation was Red Box Displays.

For further information visit ATDC’s website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/roller-shutters


ATDC’s new Series 2 commercial roller shutter is a welcome addition to their range of overhead door products.

This versatile roller shutter is capable of spanning an overall width of 5500mm in one section but can achieve  unlimited spans  by the use of centre mullions.

The curtain comprises 86mm high solid extruded aluminium slats forming a solid barrier.

Manual (with counterbalance helical springs) or motorised options are available with the motorised solution recommended for wide and high openings.

ATDC recently completed an installation at the newly opened KFC store at Cameron Park, NSW. Project managers were Warriewood based Aspect Design & Development. The shutter is slotted for ventilation and the slots are secured by a perforated mesh infill.

For further information visit ATDC’s website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/roller-shutters/roller-doors-series-2-security-shutters or contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435.


ATDC has recently installed its heavy duty commercial roller shutters to the canteen at Shalvey Public School in New South Wales.

Installed directly behind (and on the internal of) these roller shutters are individual spring operated roll up flyscreens which act as a deterrent to vermin whilst still providing ventilation when  the shutters are in the open position. The flyscreens have their very own 80mm slimline overhead pelmet box. The commercial grade roller shutters are ideal for installation in applications with restricted height openings such as counter tops, serveries, reception counters and canteens since they roll up into a very unobtrusive, slimline overhead pelmet box.

The heavy duty extruded aluminium roller shutters installed on this project are electrically operated with key switch operation to restrict access to unauthorized persons. They are powdercoated in a high quality primrose gloss dulux finish.

Project managers for the job were Wetherill Park based, Every Trade Recruitment and Construction.

For further information on ATDC’s full range of commercial roller shutters visit their website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/roller-shutters or contact them toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435.


ATDC is continually looking to develop innovative overhead door products for the Australian commercial door market.

ATDC’s latest product innovation combines a commercial security roller shutter  with both an appealing aesthetic deign as well as providing the end user with a product which allows a high degree of ventilation.

The top and bottom third of the product incorporate a solid polycarbonate infill which allows  maximum through vision yet  prevents persons or dust particles from filtering through the shutter. The middle third comprises a brick patterned punched open grille which gives the shutter its ventilation characteristics capable of spanning  a maximum width of 5000mm wide and a maximum height of 4500mm in one section, this quality roller shutter can be both manually or electrically operated and with either a security key switch or remote control access control features.

Project managers for this installation at Castle Hills Shopping Centre were Behe Fitouts.

For further information on ATDC’s full range of commercial overhead doors please visit their website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security  or contact them toll free on 1800657435 from anywhere in Australia.

New Clearvision Roller Shutter Pushes The Boundaries

Following months of research and development, a new clearvision roller shutter has been developed which pushes the boundaries. The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) has just launched its new RS7 Clearvision widespan roller shutter with broad  application to the commercial, retail, medical and hospitality markets.

Combining the latest cutting edge technology, ATDC’s design engineers have developed a world class security shutter combining strength and style (with its heavy duty extruded aluminium interlocking slats)whilst at the same time providing maximum through vision and flow of light(with its polycarbonate infills) capable of spanning up to 5.5m in width in one section x 4.0m high if motorised with unlimited spans achievable by way of intermediate mullions. And with the additional option of incorporating an overhead pelmet box to conceal the overhead roll where required.

The photograph shows a recent RS7 roller shutter installation for Seed at their new Macarthur Square in Campbelltown, Sydney. Seed commenced operations in 2000 and now has a global presence of over 200 stores in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. Its markets include childrenswear, a baby collection, womans apparel and a range for teens amongst others.

Project managers for the installation were Thomastown, Victoria based I4 Design and Construction.

For further information on ATDC’s new clearvision roller shutter visit their website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/roller-shutters  or contact them toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435.