Heavy Duty Commercial Roller shutters by ATDC

ATDC has recently installed  its heavy duty extruded RS3 commercial roller shutter at Toymate’s new store at Watergardens Shopping Centre at Taylors Lake, a suburb north west of Melbourne.

Finished in a striking bright Blaze Blue powdercoat from the standard dulux duralloy powdercoat range, these electric operated shutters each spanned a width of 4m wide x 3m high. The installation required battery back up facilities to prevent any down time in trading  in the event of a future power failure in the shopping centre. Extra security was provided by the installation of key switches which restricts the number of persons able to operate the shutters.

Project manager for the installation was Red Box Displays.

For further information visit ATDC’s website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/roller-shutters

New Entrant to Sydney Security Shutter Market makes an impact

ATDC’s new Series 2 security shutter is proving very successful in the Sydney commercial market.

This solidly engineered aluminium extruded shutter is proving both reliable and effective in delivering a secure lock up solution to commercial,hospitality,retail and even industrial applications. Capable of spanning a maximum  width of 5500mm in one section without the need for any unwieldly or unsightly mullions.

The above photographs show a recent installation completed for KFC at Sans Souci, NSW. The top 400mm of the shutter has perforated mesh to permit ventilation.Project managers for this installation were Sydney based Aspect Design and Development.

For further information visit https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/roller-shutters/roller-doors-series-2-security-shutters


Crowd Control Barriers should be OH+S tested for safety

There has recently been a  proliferation of imports of low quality crowd control barriers into the Australian market, many of these being quite unstable and unsafe for both consumers, the general public and for employees of businesses that are required to operate them.

The team at ATDC have invested a considerable amount of time and money in having their market leading double diamond barriers independently tested  for compliance in many instances with Australian Standards AS 4687-2007 Temporary Fencing and Hoarding in an effort to deliver a safer, more user friendly solution. These crowd control barriers have been tested against the requirements for Simulated Climbing, Dynamic Impact, Foothold Aperture test and, depending on the particular situation will apply in many cases.

ATDC’s barriers are now sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and in all other capital cities and regional centres across Australia. For further information visit ATDC’s website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/barriers-and-cafe-barriers/safety-barriers-s04-1dd

Next time you consider a purchase of crowd control barriers please get a quote from ATDC. We will price match and offer our safety tested barriers with any barrier on the market offering matching features.

Eye Catching Commercial Folding Closure Doors

ATDC has completed a major installation of its commercial folding closures to secure the new storefront at Sacca’s Fine Foods at Blackburn Square in Victoria, near Melbourne.

This eye catching installation literally takes your breath away. Finished in a gloss black satin powdercoat, the system spans a whopping 54 metres at its full extent and is suspended from an overhead support structure at a height of 3600mm. The door is configured from 300mm wide panel sections suspended with industrial grade support carriages from a heavy duty extruded aluminium top track; it has three S-configured  bends and 2 x special radius curves as it follows the shaped contours of this aperture.

Project managers for this installation are South Melbourne based Dzine Construction Group.

For further information on this product visit ATDC’s website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/folding-doors-and-shop-doors/fc1-folding-closures

Curved Retractable Security Screens to lock off Public Buildings

ATDC’s increasingly popular S08 retractable curved steel security screen has recently been installed to secure the new General Learning Centre at Brisbane Central State School.

Specified by Queensland based Towill Design,this very large 14 metre wide x 3.7 metre high curved screen traverses two different radius turns to conform with the curvature of the building.

This top hung door system has no floor track and is instead secured through a system of multiple intermediate up/down locking mechanisms along its span.

Project managers for this job were Badge Constructions (QLD).

For further information visit ATDC’s website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/security-screens-and-screen-doors/stacking-doors-s08


ATDC’s security plantation shutters lead the market in Australia for their sheer class, superb design and the high level of security and privacy that they offer.

Fabricated from heavy duty ,marine grade, extruded aluminium sections these security plantation shutters are equally suited for both exterior or internal installation  and are suitable for  residential ,commercial and industrial applications .These security blinds will not warp, fade or crack if installed on the outside of your premises .And their 3 way patented locking mechanism has been tested as compliant with Australian Security Standards AS5040. A flyscreen is also available as an optional extra.

For further information on this premium grade lifestyle and security grade security screens please visit ATDC’s website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/home-security-doors/plantation-shutters/plantation-blinds-ps1 or contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435.

Quality Commercial Folding Doors appeal to Australian household brand name companies

ATDC has achieved remarkable market penetration in quick time with its quality commercial folding doors which have been installed to the premises of many national brand name companies across Australia.

ATDC’s doors have been installed at companies such as Specsavers, General Pants, Flight Centre, BWS, The Retail Apparel Group’s  (RAG) portfolio of brands including Connor, Tarocash, Rockwear and YD and many  more.

The attached photos show a recent installation for Rockwear Menai.  Project manager for the job was Tuggerah based Nu Shoppe Fitouts.  The door that was installed for this project was a 200mm wide panel aluminium folding closure  with perforated mesh infills and is  powdercoated in a  pearl white finish.

For further information on ATDC’s full range of commercial folding doors visit their website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/folding-doors-and-shop-doors/fc1-folding-closures or contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435.


ATDC has recently completed the installation of very large curved trellis door system at the Edmonson Park shopping centre in Sydney’s southwestern suburbs.  ATDC often installs such curved security doors to suit circular apertures.

The curved trellis door spanned 22 metres in width at a height of 3500mm and traversed a radius curve of 600mm through a 90 degree angle.  This door achieves lockup with a series of intermediate up/down locking mechanisms without the need for any floor tracking.

Project managed by Chipping Norton  based TD Shopfitting and specified by Urban Design Concepts, the door was installed on behalf of Ambey’s Big Apple.

For further information on ATDC’s curved doors visit their website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/security-screens-and-screen-doors/stacking-doors-s08 or contact them toll free on 1800657435.

Innovative Commercial Security Screens Secure Wide Openings

ATDC’s Innovative Commercial Security Screens can secure wide openings with minimal headroom and sloping Floors.  ATDC’s recent installation of its S06 Commercial Security Screens at the Dendy Cinema at King Street, Newtown had to overcome some interesting challenges.

The project presented very wide spans with both minimal head room and tight storage space availability to stack the screens when unlocked, opened and not in use.  Furthermore, the openings have very noticeable sloping floors.

ATDC’s S06 commercial security screens provided the ideal solution to these challenges.  Secured with  a slimline heavy duty extruded aluminium top track which requires very little overhead clearance supported from a robust top support beam, these doors were installed on a parallel top track .This configuration reduced the side stacking requirement to a mere 8% of the total span being secured.  And a system of self adjusting bottom internal metal inserts allowed the door to traverse the gradient in the floor quite easily.

For further information on contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia or visit their website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/security-screens-and-screen-doors/scissor-doors-s07-2

Expanding Security Doors are ideal for Schools, Tafes, Colleges, Universities

ATDC’s S06 expanding security doors for education are an ideal lock up solution for Government and Private schools, Tafes, Colleges, Universities, Kindergartens, Child Care centres  and other educational institutions.

An earlier press release from ATDC in September 2020, featured an installation that was still in progress for Balcatta High School in WA.

Specified by Hassell Architects and project managed by PS Structures, this installation has now been successfully completed and the photographs attached above feature further  applications for the expanding security doors on this high profile project.

Folding neatly and compactly away out of sight when unlocked and not in use but providing a good lock up solution when  closed and also permitting maximum air flow and ventilation through the door curtain.

For further information on ATDC’s range of commercial expanding security doors visit their website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/security-screens-and-screen-doors or contact ATDC toll free on 1800657435 from any where in Australia.


ATDC’S S04 Double Diamond expandable barrier is a heavy duty barrier designed to assist in the effective control of loss prevention and theft of goods from businesses.

This lockable steel barrier has  a heavy duty mesh infill with a tightly woven lattice configuration which restricts persons reaching through the barrier to reach merchandise and goods.  When unlocked it folds back neatly out of the way so as not to impede the opening that it is securing.  The tightly woven mesh also restricts people’s ability to gain a foothold and climb over the barrier.

ATDC recently completed a successful installation for the Thynk Café and Bar in Beresfield NSW, where the door is being used to enclose the whiskey cabinet to the bar area.

For further information visit ATDC’s website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/product/commercial-security/security-screens-and-screen-doors/security-gates-s04-dd or contact them toll free on 1800657435.

Copper Wash finish adds to heritage appeal of Commercial Folding Doors

ATDC’s commercial folding doors are frequently specified and  installed on heritage buildings in Australia.  They  are generally regarded as enhancing  the aesthetic appeal that preserves the older style look of these older, historical structures.

Some recent doors supplied by ATDC to the new Edmonson Park shopping centre in southwestern Sydney had a copper wash finish applied to give them an older, antique appearance.  This finish is applied through a basic rag roll process which is very effective in achieving this copper wash appearance.  The project managers for this job were TD Shopfitting who contracted out the application of the special finish described in this article.

For further information on their commercial folding doors visit ATDC’s website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security or contact them toll free on 1800657435.