Fruit Shops and Other Island Pop up Kiosk Security Barriers

Security Barriers Ideal for fruit shops and island pop up kiosk stores requiring ventilation


ATDC has recently supplied its OH+S safety tested S04-1 mobile trackless trellis safety retractable barriers to secure the 50 lineal metre rectangular shaped lease line perimeter of the large freestanding fruit store at Stanhope Village Shopping Centre at Stanhope Gardens, a suburb in Sydney’s Western suburbs.

Fruit Shops and Other Island Pop up Kiosk Security Barriers

Safety Barrier Project Design Specifications

Four interconnecting trackless trellis doors were supplied to span the 4-sided rectangular shape of this 50 metre freestanding kiosk shopfront each to a height of 2m. Each system was assembled in easily moveable interconnecting sections through a series of auto locking mechanisms. Running on a series of rigid steel T bases and industrial grade bottom castor wheels these completely mobile door units are flexible and completely mobile and collapsible making it cost efficient for the staff to set up quickly for trade each morning and similarly to lock up the store quickly at night. In this way the store is secured without the existence of any overhead support structure in place at all.

Project Manager

Project managers for the job was MassBuild based in Guildford New South Wales.

Colour range

The doors on this installation were supplied in a professionally finished black satin Powdercoat. Pearl white is an optional alternate standard powder coat. Special powder coated finishes are available however at an additional cost and with an extended lead time.


Whilst a 12-month warranty against defective materials and workmanship applies, it is recommended that since these doors are completely mobile and relocatable and therefore are not attached permanently to the building structure that the customer considers an ongoing preventative maintenance contract.

Project Work

Project specific photographs are attached above for viewing.

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Fruit Shops and Other Island Pop up Kiosk Security Barriers