Do Your Crowd Control Barriers Comply with Relevant Safety Standards and WHS Legislation?

Do Your Crowd Control Barriers Comply with Relevant Safety Standards and WHS Legislation?

The S04-1™ portable,lockable fencing system by the Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC) is OH+S compliance tested and safe for your customers and employees to use.  Our results have been independently NATA tested and certified to comply with relevant impact and climbing tests in certain circumstances. (For further information see reports attached here).

The S04-1™ mobile barrier is completely trackless, which means it is a go-anywhere, multi-purpose system.  This retractable fencing system is great for securing after-hours or restricted access to areas in shopping centres, kiosks, pop-up shops, mall walkways, shop fronts, temporary tenancies, loading docks, other high-traffic areas and OH&S work safe areas.

Shopping centre operators have an obligation to adequately manage risks relating to the safety of pedestrian movement through their malls and centres.  ATDC has completed a thorough WHS risk assessment (click here) of the crowd control barrier products they manufacture and supply for use in shopping centres.  This has then been fully documented and independently audited by OH+S risk assessment specialists.  This assists ATDC in identifying safety hazards relating to the supply and use of such barriers.  It also gives shopping centre owners peace of mind that the barriers they use do comply with relevant OHS legislation, and also that they are utilising such barriers in accordance with safety standards (Click here for Safe Use Instructions).

ATDC have been very proactive in ensuring that their products comply with necessary and relevant standards (in certain circumstances) . Impact and Climbing Tests have also been performed and passed.  For more information on the S04-1’s compliance with tested requirements as per AS4687-2007 Temporary Fencing and Hoarding please refer to ATDC’s website at here and for the S04-1 Double Diamond version which also complies with the no foothold test at

These barriers are available for short term hire or rental or can be purchased outright

Ask yourself these crucial questions:

Do your barriers comply with WHS legislation?  Ours do!

Have the suppliers of your barriers implemented adequate hazard control measures to comply with relevant safety legislation?  We have!

Is your supplier able to provide adequate and documented testing of the performance of the barriers you are using?  We can!

Are the barriers you are currently using designed to minimise health and safety risks when being used?  Ours are!

Have you been given adequate instructions for the safe use of the barriers you are using?  We do!

Avoid cheap,untested and non-compliant imports.

Choose ATDC to purchase or rent/hire your next crowd control barrier.

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