Barriers for Occupational Health and Safety

Barriers for Occupational Health and Safety

The Australian Trellis Door Company™ (ATDC™) offers a range of steel trellis doors and barriers which are proving popular in solving many Occupational Health and Safety issues in manufacturing and construction environments.

Mobile Trackless Barriers

Their S04-1™ Mobile Trackless Trellis System provides a protective barrier for dangerous machinery in manufacturing environments. It can be used to restrict access to certain dangerous areas of the factory while machines are in operation which could cause injury to passers-by. It operates on trolleys and can be wheeled away when not in use and stored out of sight. This system is very economical and provides enormous flexibility, allowing the closing off of awkward openings which may be typically very difficult to secure.

These barriers can further be used to secure loading docks and warehouse roller door entries, preventing the public from wandering into factories and warehouses during trading hours.

Providing Safe Environments

The S04-1™ trellis barriers can also assist in providing safe environments on construction sites which are near to pedestrian traffic. Bovis Lend Lease recently used these trellis barriers at their shopping centre extension in Charlestown, NSW. Bovis were not allowed to do construction work at night due noise considerations, so they used these barriers to cordon off mall areas under construction, from the trading areas thereby allowing construction work to continue during normal centre operating hours.

The systems are secured on each end by a slam-lock facility which locks the barrier to a side fixing point. If no suitable side-fixing point exists then one can use ATDC’s removable lockable post. A typical example includes securing an area between machinery, shelving or glass walls where side locking onto these surfaces may not be possible. The removable lockable post locks down onto a laser cut stainless steel plate positioned on the floor, creating the required fixing point.

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