Australian Domestic Security Grilles Now Exported to New Caledonia

Australian Domestic Security Grilles Now Exported to New Caledonia

The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) is rapidly developing a reputation for its quality exports of security doors, security shutters and folding doors from Australia to The Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia and The Pacific Islands.

Domestic Security Grilles – Quality Exports

Whilst there is a vast predominance of commercial security grilles being exported to countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Fiji (amongst others) there is also a surprising trend of a growing demand for ATDC’s premium grade domestic security grilles for the residential market, particularly more recently in The Pacific Island nation of New Caledonia and its capital Noumea where there is a considerable level of break and entry into residential properties on the island.

High Quality and Cost Effective

ATDC’s focus is on producing both high quality and cost effective and competitive domestic security grilles which retract sideways completely out of the way when not in use and are easily concealed behind curtains or blinds. When locked and closed they create  a formidable deterrent with their triple contact locking mechanisms, full metal frames, heavy duty mesh infills and either stainless steel, brass or aluminium rivets which are used in a non-pivoting function to increase the strength and useful life of the security grilles. The locked and closed security grilles form an open grille which allows sunlight and ventilation to filter through keeping your home light and breezy in the hot summer months, also featuring an optional flyscreen to keep out those pesky insects and mosquitoes in the more humid climates. Further information is available in our blog article on the insect roll-way spring-loaded insect screens which are adapted to these security grilles.

Higher Level Security

ATDC’s domestic security grilles are ideal for securing wide span openings such as sliding glass bi-fold doors, patio doors, French doors and carports as well as also securing narrower passageways, alcoves, front doors and windows. Track arrangements are optional but recommended in areas where a higher level security is required. It’s important to note that floor tracks are able to be installed in ways that do not present a trip hazard to the homeowner (For instance recessing the bottom track or installing it alongside a window or door sill). For further applications for ATDC’s domestic security grilles read our article on gates for residential applications.

Fabrication Options

The domestic security grilles are fabricated in either a toughened galvanized steel or marine grade anodised aluminium and powdercoated in a high quality ultra violet resistant black satin or pearl white finish whilst other powdercoated options are available on request to match almost any colour scheme. Further information is available on ATDC’s full range of domestic security grilles.

View Our Range!

ATDC’s domestic security grilles are sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra as well as in most regional towns across the country including Newcastle, Woollongong, Geelong, Townsville, Darwin and more. For more information on ATDC’s  comprehensive range of commercial, industrial  and residential security grilles call ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800 657 435.