Concertina Retractable Screen now with Retractable Insect Screen

Concertina Retractable Screen now with Retractable Insect Screen

The Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC™) has recently successfully adapted a retractable flyscreen to its concertina style security screens.

Innovative New Ideas

It has been a perennial challenge for ATDC’s engineers, trying to successfully adapt flyscreen mesh to collapsible style security screens due to the potential of the insect screen mesh becoming intertwined amongst all the moving parts of the security screens.  ATDC has overcome these issues by utilizing a high quality spring loaded flyscreen which retracts in tandem with the security screens and slides along a fully captive extruded aluminium top and bottom track, rolling into a concealed slimline pelmet box on the side of the opening. These insect screens are similar in colour to the security screens and so are almost invisible and unnoticeable, blending into the surrounds.

This innovative idea meets a growing customer demand for ATDC’s security screens namely to provide formidable security screens whilst also providing protection from insects and other vermin.

Domestic Security Doors

Typical domestic applications for ATDC’s security screens including securing sliding glass doors, patio doors, alcoves, carports, French doors, windows, passageways, front doors and bi fold glass doors.

Unique to ATDC’s security screens is that whilst providing a formidable security barrier, they fold out of sight when not in use behind curtains or blinds so as to be practically invisible.

When locked, ATDC’s security screens permit maximum sunlight to filter into the room they are securing allowing the free flow of fresh air and ventilation, keeping the room light, fresh, bright and breezy and now also preventing flies and other insects from entering the premises through the screen.

Precision engineered from marine grade aluminium or toughened steel ,ATDC’s extensive range of security screens have multi point locking options, full frames for extra strength and either stainless steel rivets or brass rivets providing that extra level of home security.

Our Service Areas

ATDC’s extensive range of security screens are now sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Newcastle, Geelong, Townsville and in all other regional towns and centres across Australia. For more information please visit ATDC’s website or contact ATDC on 1800 657 435 from anywhere in Australia.