ATDC Lockable Security Shutters Complete with Insect Screens

ATDC Lockable Security Shutters Complete with Insect Screens


The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) has developed a unique high end lockable security rated shutter targeting primarily the residential market and incorporating both security features and lifestyle benefits alike. For further information see our article on Security Plantation Shutters for Top Level Security on our website.

Insect Screens for Humid Climates

Amongst these lifestyle benefits is an innovative removable insect screen which is particularly applicable in hot humid climates such as Australia to keep out those pesky flies and mosquitoes.

The insect screens are most often supplied with easy to operate turn-on buttons which allow for quick and easy removal when they require cleaning. In a limited number of cases, the particular application may require the insect screens to be permanently screw fastened on. Customers do however need to be mindful of the fact that there may be small gaps between the panels of the security shutters at both the top and the sill where the panels come together.

In addition to this unique insect screen, the lockable security shutters have other important lifestyle benefits such as offering privacy and shade, preserving views with their sliding multi track multi-fold systems and also obvious fire advantages. In addition the adjustability of the individual louvres allows the homeowner to control the amount of sunlight, breeze or fresh air that will flow into the home. Furthermore the aluminium extrusions which form the backbone of this product have a high quality anodised finish which is ideal for installing these lockable security shutters on the external façade of premises enabling them to withstand the weathering effects of the sun’s UV rays as well as the rain, storms and dust. These shutters will not warp, crack, fade or degrade when installed on the building’s exterior surface and this longevity and durability is enhanced by a professional ultra violet resistant powdercoated finish. For further information on the weathering qualities of this product see our article on our Security Shutters in Apartment Complex near Bondi Beach on our website.

Security Features – Premium Grade

The security features of these premium grade lockable security shutters include marine grade reinforced aluminium extrusions which are locked into a heavy duty surrounding metal frame –the locking system is by way of a 3-way patented locking mechanism. The shutters are independently tested by an independent NATA approved testing laboratory to meet the security provisions AS5039 and 5040 of the Australian Security Standards. For further information on this high security product see the article on the Security Plantation Shutters for Top Level Security on our website.

Commercial Applications

Whilst commonly used to cover domestic openings such as French doors and patio doors, sliding glass doors , bi-fold doors and windows, ATDC’s lockable security shutters are also suitable for