ATDC Presents Security Plantation Shutters for Top Level Security

ATDC Presents Security Plantation Shutters for Top Level Security

The Australian Trellis Door Co’s (ATDC™) 365 Security Plantation Shutters are a world class product. For more information on this product, view our page here.

Following 5 years of careful research ATDC presents the optimal product to the consumer market –both a top level security product and a high level and durable lifestyle product all in one. Combining strength, elegance and world class corrosion resistance, all provided by a new age material, natural anodised aluminium.

Top Level Security with ATDC

The top level security is provided by reinforced aircraft grade aluminium, a full metal frame and security rated patented 3-way locking mechanism all tested and certified by a NATA approved testing laboratory to meet the Australian Security Standards AS5039 & 5040. One of the world’s premium, cutting edge security products-and an all Australian made product.

The longevity of this durable anodised lifestyle product is enhanced by a professional UV resistant powder coated finish from the Dulux powder coated range to blend into the colour scheme of your home or business. The security plantation shutters will not warp, shrink, crack or warp and they are water resistant with obvious fire advantages. A detachable flyscreening feature is a further innovative optional extra.

Security Plantation Shutters – The Product

Originally launched in April 2015, ATDC’s premium security 365 security plantation shutters are now selling widely through the Sydney and Melbourne markets in both the residential and commercial markets. For more information on the original launch please read our article here.

Suitable for securing French doors, patio doors, sliding glass bi-fold doors, skylights, casement and awning windows in the residential market and for securing shopfronts, showrooms, restaurants, clubs and large glass expanses in the commercial market.

ATDC’s 365 security plantation shutters can be installed in sliding, bi-folding on multiple tracks, hinging or fixed configurations making them extremely versatile.

Call About Our Security Shutters

For more information on ATDC’s commercial and residential range of security plantation shutters call ATDC on 1800657435 or view our products here.