What are the Best Security Doors

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What are the Best Security Doors

What Makes a Security Door Great?

When shopping for a domestic or commercial security door, you want to find a product that will offer you the very best safety and security for your property. Finding such products can be a difficult task for people who aren’t familiar with the finer points of security systems.

If you’re looking for a checklist of the most important things to look for in a security door, read on. We’ll tell you all about security doors and what makes them great.

Only Choose Doors That Comply with National Standards

Any security door that you choose should comply with Australian Standards 5039-2008. Any product that adheres to these industry standards will have undergone a number of tests to demonstrate its ability to withstand potential break-ins.

Under the Australian standards for sliding security doors, only three tests are applicable; including the pull, anti-jimmy and dynamic impact tests.

Some Key Features

High-end security screens will generally have a full frame, a triple contact locking mechanism and be constructed with a strong material such as steel. Make sure that any security protection you buy is made using the very best materials and the strongest metals.

Look for Australian Made Products

Don’t settle for cheap imports when you’re in the market for a security door. Imported security systems from countries such as China or Sri Lanka are likely to be made of inferior materials. They are also less likely to have undergone any sort of industry grade testing. Purchasing these cheap alternatives is never a good option, potentially putting your property at risk.

Instead, always go for Australian made products from Australian owned companies. Not only is the final product likely to be far superior, but you will also be supporting a home-grown brand and the domestic economy.

Residential Properties

Are you are looking for a door for your residential property? Look for doors that will allow ventilation, breeze and daylight to pass through the doors without compromising security. You want something that won’t make your home look like a compound while ensuring the safety of your building. Going for a door with great ventilation will also allow cool breezes to flow through your home, making it more enjoyable for everyone.

Commercial Properties

For commercial properties, you will want a security door with slightly different properties. The better security doors will be those that can span longer openings easily, without compromising security. Ideally, these doors should be able to slide completely out of the way during trading hours, ensuring that customers feel welcome in your store. After closing hours, they should drape across your building and send a strong message to intruders!

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