Versatile Safety Retractable Barriers have Multiple Industrial Applications

Versatile Safety Retractable Barriers have Multiple Industrial Applications

ATDC’s  S04-1 DD Double Diamond Safety Retractable Barrier  is a robust steel,lockable  screen which provides a formidable barrier when locked and closed yet when open folds back completely out of the way.

As the barrier is portable  ,It is quite unique in that the width of the retractable screen is adjustable and so it can be used in multiple applications in the same premises.

The tight pitch between the cross linkages makes it difficult for an adult to put their hand through the barrier and so making it an excellent  safety device protecting factory staff from dangerous plant and machinery.

The tightness of the mesh is also a great facilitator of the barrier to be used as a loss prevention device preventing employees or the public from reaching through to reach any valuable stock being stored behind it.

And it can be used as an excellent crowd control device to lock down different areas of a warehouse facility or to prevent the public from gaining access to the premises through the loading dock entry during trading hours.

The system is safe to use and is the only portable safety retractable barrier in Australia to be tested against the prevailing OH+S Standards.It is safe for both customers and employees to use and has been independently NATA tested to comply with the Dynamic Impact Test and Simulated Climbing Tests under the relevant Australian Standards.

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