Commercial Transparent Roller Shutters

In a recent installation, ATDC proudly introduced its cutting-edge RS7 transparent clearvision roller shutters at the new Terry White Pharmacy in Cleveland, Queensland.

These commercial roller shutters not only enhance security but also contribute to the modern aesthetic of contemporary businesses.

Commercial Transparent Roller Shutters Great for Modern Storefronts

Clear Roller Shutters Installation - Brisbane Cleveland - Terry White Trellis Doors

Unveiling the Modern Storefront Solution

ATDC’s RS7 transparent clearvision roller shutters are a testament to the intersection of security and aesthetics. These sleek and stylish roller shutters are designed exclusively for electric operation, providing a seamless and convenient security solution for commercial spaces.


Advanced Features for Maximum Security

Equipped with heavy-duty key switches, these roller shutters prioritize security without compromising on user convenience. The inclusion of UPS battery backups ensures a fail-safe mechanism in case of power failures, guaranteeing continuous operation and security even in challenging situations.

The RS7 roller shutters boast an impressive capability, spanning a maximum width of 5500mm x 4000mm high. The heavy-duty 229 spiral welded spring-balanced drum is a carefully engineered component, designed to efficiently carry the weight of the overhead drum, ensuring durability and reliability.


Transparent Design for Enhanced Visibility

One of the standout features of the RS7 roller shutter is its transparent polycarbonate infills. These infills are strategically supported between horizontal aluminium extrusions, allowing maximum through-vision.

This design not only provides security but also allows natural light to filter through, creating an inviting and open atmosphere within the commercial space for staff. Moreover, the transparency allows potential customers to look inside the store even once it’s closed (or before opening), tempting them to return later.


Project Showcase: Terry White Pharmacy, Cleveland

The successful implementation of the RS7 roller shutters at the Terry White Pharmacy in Cleveland was managed by Interior Fitouts Pty Ltd, a reputable interior fit-out company based in Banyo, Queensland. This project serves as a real-world example of the seamless integration of ATDC’s innovative roller shutters into modern commercial environments.


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