Stackable Folding Doors for Residential Applications

Stackable Folding Doors for Residential Applications

ATDC’s FC1 model folding, stackable aluminium framed door is ideal for securing under cover applications in your home such as carport entries, alfresco areas, internal doorways and passageways and as room dividers for partitioning.

Folding and stacking on a heavy-duty extruded aluminium overhead suspension track and using commercial grade top hangers and wheel carriages, ATDC’s premium grade doors slide effortlessly and lock easily through a series of intermediate up/down locks so as to create a seamless and long-lasting door closure. As they have no floor track, they are best suited to undercover applications as they are not sealed from the weather.

The above photos are of a recent domestic installation near Sydney where a 6500mm wide panel door with perforated mesh infills (for ventilation) were supplied in a professional Dulux Manor Red powder coated finish.

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