Expanding Steel Trellis Doors and Barrier Solutions for Retailers

Expanding Steel Trellis Doors and Barrier Solutions for Retailers

The Australian Trellis Door Company™ offers a range of expanding steel trellis doors and barrier solutions to secure most commercial and retail. The company this year celebrates 25 years in the security door industry and is regarded as a market leader in its field.

Expanding Trellis Security Doors

Whilst its core products are expanding trellis security doors, windows and mobile trackless barriers (steel), the company has also developed an extensive and diverse range of high quality barrier security systems which include roller shutters and folding closures.

Their trellis doors offer a very economical alternative to other traditional forms of shutters, grilles and closures, whilst offering great strength and through-visibility. During the day the doors tuck out of the way to ensure unobstructed views whilst at night they provide formidable security and maximum through-vision.

Security Solutions for Retailers

This has particular relevance to retailers who use these doors to secure their shopfronts after hours against break-ins and vandalism, and as a deterrent to ram-raids, whilst at the same time allowing passers-by to view their entire range of stock and any in-store promotions they might be running. Furthermore, a curved configuration is available.

The company has national representation and places a major emphasis on a strict philosophy of timely and efficient customer service. Their customers include Westfield, Telstra Shop, Harvey Norman, Angus & Coote, State Rail and many more. They offer a free measure and quote through to design, consultancy, installation and maintenance.

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