Security Plantation Shutters for High Rise Apartment Blocks

Security Plantation Shutters for High Rise Apartment Blocks

The Australian Trellis Door Company’s (ATDC) Security365 security rated plantation shutters are an ideal product for securing windows, patio doors, sliding glass doors and patio enclosures for strata units in high rise apartment buildings.

Security Plantation Shutters

Fabricated from reinforced aluminium heavy duty extruded sections surrounded and locked into full metal frames and further complemented by their high quality anodised finish, ATDC’s Security 365 security plantation shutters are ideal for installation on the external façade of buildings in that they are able to withstand both the forces of high wind as well as the often debilitating weathering effects of the ultra violet rays from the sun as well as rain, storms and dust. These security plantation shutters will not warp, crack, fade nor degrade on the exterior of the building. Their longevity and durability is further enhanced by a professional ultra violet resistant powdercoated finish which can be colour matched to suit almost any environment. For further information on the high grade materials involved in the construction of these security shutters view our Planation Shutters page.

Security365 – The Benefits

ATDC’s Security365 security plantation shutters offer further benefits to units in high rise apartment blocks including obvious fire advantages, privacy and shade as well as optional detachable flyscreens to keep insects at bay. And with the further benefits of preserving the often panoramic views of high rise apartment units by configuring the security plantation shutters in either a hinging or bifolding multi-track option permitting the shutters to fold back to a negligible storage size making them almost invisible. In addition the adjustability of the louvres allows the homeowner to control the exact amount of sunlight, breeze or fresh air that will permeate through into their apartment. (For further information on how these security plantation shutters will preserve your views see our article at The security plantation shutters are security rated under the Australian Standards for security doors and this will be of particular comfort to the unit owners on the ground floor and lower level floors of apartment buildings.

Installation Project in Brisbane

ATDC has recently installed its Security 365 security plantation shutters throughout a high rise apartment block (pictured) overlooking the Brisbane river. The project involved replacing all the previously installed  timber and plastic shutters (which had badly degraded over time to a level where they  were almost inoperable) There were naturally extremely  challenging logistics in getting the heavier grade security 365 security plantation shutters up to the higher level apartments. Scaffolding was erected throughout in an effort to overcome the restricted access and to minimise disturbance to the many apartment residents. ATDC’s professional installation team were able to work safely at heights and in extremely trying weather conditions. The project also involved obtaining council permits and the lodging of a development application. The apartment owners were extremely satisfied with the end result and the general feeling was that ATDC’s stylish security plantation shutters actually enhanced the appearance of the building. For further information on ATDC’s security plantation shutters’ excellent weathering qualities read our article.

High Security Solution

ATDC’s security 365 security plantation shutters are also applicable in providing an elegant and high security solution for commercial and retail applications such as retail display windows, showroom windows, hotel sliding doors and patio doors, office suites and office buildings, restaurants, bars, schools, universities, heritage facades and many more.

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