Security Doors for Chemists and Pharmacies

Security Doors for Chemists and Pharmacies

Security Shutters and Roller Shutters

ATDC is a leading supplier of security doors, security shutters and roller shutters for chemists and pharmacies nationally across Australia.

Chemists and pharmacies are particularly vulnerable to break and enter attacks as many of them stock the commonly known pseudoephedrine which is used in the manufacture of the drug Speed.

Security for Chemists and Pharmacies

ATDC has installed its security doors, security shutters and roller shutters for many of Australia’s well known branded chemists and pharmacies with household names like Amcal, Priceline, Discount Pharmacy Warehouse, Chemmart, Discount Drug Stores and many others.

ATDC’s trellis security doors are particularly appealing to chemists and pharmacies as they provide formidable security when locked and closed given their high performance anti-jemmy 3 point locking system, full surround metal frame and heavy duty mesh inserts. When unlocked and opened they retract sideways so as to be almost out of sight and invisible and so preserve display windows and merchandising displays.

Added Defence Options

These trellis security doors can also be installed in combination with bollards which serve as an added line of defence against attempted ram raids. ATDC’s S06 trellis security door has recently passed the stringent testing requirements for anti-jemmy and dynamic impact under Australian Standard 5039 which sets the benchmark for security doors in this country.

Available in a wide range of professional powdercoated finishes, ATDC’s engineers have developed a range of differently designed security doors which can also be manufactured in a curved configuration to meet the design requirements of curved apertures.

Australia’s Leading Barrier Security Specialists

ATDC is Australia’s leading barrier security specialist and it has national representation. For more information call 1800 657 435 or contact us today.