Removable Lockable Bars Provide Easy Exit in the Case of Fire

Removable Lockable Bars Provide Easy Exit in the Case of Fire

Removable Lockable Bars

The Australian Trellis Door Company™ (ATDC™) has engineered a unique security barrier that allows emergency egress in the event of fire, with its removable lockable window bar system.

Ideal for securing both homes and businesses, the removable security bars are fitted on the internal of windows, allowing for quick removal for emergency exit.

The system is unique with ATDC being the only manufacturer of a product of this kind in Australia, and the product is fashioned on the concept of the old style gun rack storage unit. The original design originates out of Utah in the USA, and this quality product is now wholly manufactured in Australia. The vertical steel bars are manufactured from steel for extra strength and the tamper resistant exclusive locking mechanism makes these steel bars easy to remove for a quick emergency exit or to clean the glass.


A heavy duty extruded aluminium top and bottom track are both secured with concealed fixings, making them even stronger and more resistant to break-ins. It is the bottom track extrusion that houses the locking mechanism, completely concealing it, while the top track serves as the receiving end of the vertical steel bars.

Residential Applications

Residential applications for the removable security bars include protecting mainly windows from break in-the bars allow you the homeowner to enjoy your home and the fresh air, day or night, safe and secure. It is generally suitable for securing windows up to a height of 1500mm, and this height can be exceeded by reinforcing the steel vertical bars with metal inserts.

Commercial Applications

Commercial applications include securing windows to schools, day care centres, council depot’s, TAFE Colleges, Hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, universities, in each case offering not only security but also the option of emergency egress in the event of fire, for fire safety and security. The removable security bars are available in a wide range of powder-coated finishes to blend in with almost any colour scheme. It comes with a 12 month warranty on defective materials and workmanship, and a 5 year installation guarantee.

ATDC – Family Owned Since 1985

The ATDC is an Australian, family owned business led by brothers Jonathan and Richard Kaplan, which has been operating since 1985.

It currently supplies Australasia’s most diverse range of precision engineered expanding trellis security doors in steel and aluminium, which are suitable for securing most residential, commercial and industrial applications, and has remained the market leader in this field.

For more information visit ATDC’S website on or call 1800 657 435.