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Quality Folding Doors for Commercial, Retail, Hospitality applications


ATDC has installed another first-class folding-door to secure a large tenancy at Box Hill near Melbourne in Victoria.

Product Design Specifications.

This 12000mm wide x 4000mm high door was installed for Maru Korean BBQ on a job which was project managed by Rowville based Hantas Construction.

Fabricated from extruded aluminium sections and finished in a gloss black powder coated finish, the door curtain comprised 300mm wide stacking panels containing perforated metal infills which maximize airflow, ventilation and through visibility.

A series of intermediate up/down locking mechanism allows for a seamless finished product that requires no floor track at all and virtually no headroom either.

The door followed closely the contours of the angled tenancy line through a 90-degree curve as well as a 45-degree curve to a 600mm standard radius.

Folding Door Applications

These premium grade doors are light and east to operate making them ideal to secure shopfronts, mall entries, reception areas and serveries, shopping centres, hospitals, aged care facilities, hotels, clubs and banks and commercial office doorways and passageways.

Folding Door Warranty

A 12-month warranty against defective materials and workmanship applies. 

Project Work

Project specific photographs are attached above for viewing.

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