Portable barriers secure 24 hour gyms and health clubs

Portable barriers secure 24 hour gyms and health clubs

ATDC’s portable crowd control barriers are in high demand as an access control barrier in 24-hour gyms, health clubs, wellness centres and sports recreation centres.


Meeting Access Control Needs: ATDC’s Portable Crowd Control Barriers


Portable Security Barriers for 24 Hour Gyms & Health Clubs Smeaton Grange Sydney
Portable barriers

ATDC’s portable crowd control barriers are experiencing high demand as effective access control solutions in 24-hour gyms, health clubs, wellness centres, and sports recreation facilities.

These versatile barriers offer a cost-effective means of managing access for paid members during after-hours periods, enhancing security and convenience for both staff and patrons.


Convenient Access Control Solutions

Ideal for various applications, ATDC’s portable barriers facilitate access control through digital security keypad codes or standard key access. This flexibility makes them a preferred choice for establishments looking to streamline access management processes while ensuring the safety and security of their premises.

The barriers’ trackless, mobile, free-standing, and lockable design further enhances their suitability for diverse environments, allowing for easy relocation as needed.


Safety and Compliance Assurance

ATDC’s portable crowd control barriers undergo rigorous OH&S testing to ensure safe operation in accordance with industry standards. Additionally, these barriers can be fitted with special egress locks to meet emergency exit requirements under the Building Code of Australia, providing added peace of mind for facility operators and occupants.


Real-world Application

A recent installation of ATDC’s portable barriers at the new CrossFit Gym in Smeaton Grange, Sydney, exemplifies their effectiveness in enhancing access control and security measures in fitness and recreational facilities. (As pictured above.)

With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, ATDC remains a trusted provider of innovative security solutions, setting new standards in access control and crowd management.


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