Permashield™ Shutters – Solutions for Club Operators to Open Air Smoking Provisions

Permashield™ Shutters – Solutions for Club Operators to Open Air Smoking Provisions

The recent introduction of new legislation banning smoking indoors in licensed venues requires smoking areas to be open to the elements so that smoke is allowed to blow away.

Permashield™ Roller Shutters

Venue operators have been putting significant effort and expense into improving their gardens and outdoor areas to accommodate smokers. Permashield™ Roller Shutters allow such operators, such as the Sporties Club at Belmont, NSW, to move their poker machines into their covered (outdoor) areas which comply with the above smoking provisions, and to install such shutters around these machines allowing them to secure these areas at night, providing protection against intruders and the outdoor elements.

Product of ATDC

Permashield™ Roller Shutters are a product of The Australian Trellis Door Company™ (ATDC™). Their shutters are sleek and unobtrusive, and blend in with the overall appearance of the facility. During trading they roll up totally from view leaving the entries unobstructed. Certain models can be supplied with an overhead pelmet box to totally conceal the rolled shutter-curtain when in the open position. Their wide-span shutter range can close areas up to 6m in one piece.

Wide Range of Shutters

Permashield™ Shutters include a wide range of suitable shutters, from enamel-baked, roll-formed aluminium with polyurethane in-fills, to powder-coated, extruded aluminium profiles. Their non-corrosive characteristics mean that maintenance is nil. Shutters can be manually or electronically operated, including remote-control operation. UPS Battery Back-up facilities can be supplied to provide a back-up power supply during power failures.

Free Consultation

ATDC is a national company and they offer a complete service from a free measure and quote through to design, consultancy, installation and maintenance. For further information about their range of shutter products please refer or call toll free on 1800-657-435.