Emergency Crowd Control Barriers For Immediate Compliance with Social Distancing Legislation

Emergency Crowd Control Barriers For Immediate Compliance with Social Distancing Legislation

The current extraordinary health and safety challenges resulting from the coronavirus pandemic have placed a huge emphasis on the need for landlords to enforce social distancing on their premises.


In this regard, landlords are utilising ATDC’s unique and proven, versatile crowd control barriers to achieve these objectives and to ensure patrons and customers on their premises comply with both state and federal legislation.


Addressing Social Distancing Challenges: ATDC’s Crowd Control Barriers

Emergency Crowd Control Barriers For Social Distancing Trellis Doors Co Australia
Crowd Control Barriers


These barriers play a crucial role in ensuring that patrons and customers comply with both state and federal legislation regarding social distancing. The image above illustrates how these barriers efficiently control public access through travelators and escalators, enhancing safety and compliance.


Portable and Versatile Solutions

ATDC’s crowd control barriers offer unparalleled flexibility and functionality. They are portable, trackless, mobile, and easily relocatable, thanks to a series of heavy-duty non-marking bottom rubber castors. Available in heights of either 2020mm or 2520mm, these barriers are lockable into side walls or floors, providing a secure barrier to control access effectively.


Cost-Effective and OH&S Certified

Despite their advanced features, ATDC’s crowd control barriers are relatively inexpensive. They are available ex-stock for one-off purchases and/or ongoing rentals, providing landlords with a cost-effective solution to their social distancing needs. Additionally, these barriers are OH&S certified and safe to operate, offering peace of mind to landlords and ensuring the safety of their patrons.


Immediate and Effective Deployment

One of the key advantages of ATDC’s crowd control barriers is their ability to achieve immediate and cost-effective lockdown without the need for a support structure. This feature ensures swift implementation of social distancing measures, allowing landlords to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and safeguard the health and well-being of everyone on their premises.


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