King Street Wharf Editorial

King Street Wharf Editorial

The Australian Trellis Door Company™ supplies and installs economical, expanding steel trellis doors and barriers to secure most commercial, retail, industrial and domestic applications.

Expanding Trellis Doors

These expanding trellis doors are invisible by day, while at night providing formidable security against break-ins, vandalism, and ram-raids, whilst allowing maximum through-vision.

Their doors are used by retail tenants on street-fronts and in shopping centres countrywide. These doors can be straight, curved or pivoting, and can come with a shade cloth backing. Simon Cant, the proprietor of City Cellars, a boutique bottle store in the heart of the revitalised King Street Wharf Precinct at Sydney’s Darling Harbour, says “since installing my trellis doors I can sleep well knowing that my stock is adequately protected. I also like it that unwelcome elements are kept away from the entrance area to my store at night. I place an emphasis on in-store presentation and am happy that at night passers-by can view my store, my entire range, and any in-store promotions that I may wish to run.”

Security for Retailers

The company’s range of mobile trackless barriers provide flexibility, allowing proprietors to close off openings which are difficult to secure. These systems are popular for food and kiosk retailers within shopping centres, such as the Bell Air Café at the Met Centre in the city in Sydney.

Due to superior product quality and customer service, their doors are increasingly used by major retail chains and independent retailers, shopping centre operators, commercial tenants, builders, government, architects and designers.

Contact Information

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