The Security landscape is changing throughout the world, with Australia being no exception. For the first time Australian retailers are facing new security risks that before had only been experienced in films and on TV.

The demand for increased security has seen retailers proactively investing in a number of different measures to protect their merchandise from vandalism and theft, including those retailers at airports and other public buildings across the country as well as retailers in shopping centres, strip retail shops, restaurants, clubs, hotels and gyms.

In recent years the Australian Trellis Door Company™ (ATDC™) has been successfully installing its extensive range of retailer friendly security doors and security shutters for retail stores at airports across Australia including Brisbane International, Melbourne Domestic and International, Sydney domestic and international, Cairns, Perth, Gold Coast, Port Hedland and Darwin International Airports.

Many of Australia’s leading retailers are relying on ATDC’s successful track record and extensive security industry experience and are installing their quality range of security doors and security shutters across their retail shopfronts. Leading retailers such as Purely Merino, Australian Way, RM Williams, Billabong, News Travels, Quicksilver, Flight Centre to name but a few.

Recently Heinemann, the global German-owned retailer, was awarded the duty free concession at Sydney International Airport and has installed nearly 600 lineal metres of ATDC’s portable, expandable, roll away security barriers/doors to secure its store. This is the largest single contract ever awarded in Australia to date for portable security gates.

And JR Duty Free has recently installed 60 lineal metres of ATDC’S Top hung SO6 heavy duty trellis security door at its new store at Brisbane International Airport.

ATDC’s security doors and security shutters are unique-they fold back to a mere 15% of their expanded width so as not to be visible during trading hours;they can be made to comply with egress requirements under the BCA where required; they can be manufactured to span unlimited widths and can accommodate curved apertures. The trackless barrier does not require an overhead structure as it is completely freestanding. And ATDC has a fully documented WHS risk assessment completed for its trackless security gate.

ATDC’s range provides a cost effective and innovative solution to retailers” security needs and is backed up by a 40 year trading record in Australia. Quality management staff will design a bespoke solution to projects anywhere in the country. Call 1800 657 435 for more information or visit