Bi-fold Solution for Closing and Securing Retail Shopfronts

Bi-fold Solution for Closing and Securing Retail Shopfronts

Bi-Folding Doors for Retail Security

Folding closures are an ideal bi-folding door application to secure retail shopfronts in shopping centres and airports, bar counter tops, doorways and mall enclosures.

The Best in Space Efficiency

ATDC currently offer the most space efficient folding closures on the market. They are made from aluminium, are attractive, lightweight and easy to use. This folding closure boasts a new low -friction continuous hinge system which means less moving parts, easy operation and reduced maintenance.

ATDC’s closures come in a variety of materials. One option is high performance tempered glass which offers excellent visibility and exceptional protection. Another option is polycarbonate, which provides remarkable impact-resistance in a surprisingly light package. This product is also available with a perforated aluminium in-fill, which combines transparency with the strength of aluminium for good-looking protection and ventilation.

These closures can be installed to a curved opening, and stacked in the same line as the door or diverted away to maximise the shopfront opening.

Superior Quality for Retailers

Due to superior product quality and customer service, ATDC’s doors are increasingly used by major retail chains and independent retailers, shopping centre operators, commercial tenants, builders, government, architects and designers, Australia-wide.

Speak to our Qualified Team

ATDC has national representation and their qualified team of staff provide a complete service from tender through to design, consultancy, installation and maintenance. With a Project Manager to oversee each job, they are well organised and practiced in co-ordination of all project requirements, specifications, OH&S, WMS’s etc.

For further information please contact ATDC on 1300 838 259.