How Security Door Locks Work

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How Security Door Locks Work

How Security Door Locks Work

If you have an older security door, chances are the lock is obsolete. New technologies are keeping security doors one step ahead of intruders in the arms race for home and commercial security. It’s worth understanding the value of new locking systems for improved security.

Security Door Locks Basics

New triple contact systems with 5 pin cylinder locks (or equivalent) should be a priority when choosing a security door. They will contribute to maximising the strength and effectiveness of your security door. 3-Point locks with an anti-jimmy protective metal plate or extrusion will slow down would-be intruders in their attempts to gain access to your premises, even if they have implements such as crowbars or screwdrivers.

There are also many lock options for added security:

  • For commercial premises – You also want the security door lock to be keyed alike to your master key system for ease of convenience. Master keys are easier to keep secure than a large number of different keys, which may be distributed among multiple parties. Loss of keys and related access problems for staff are also eliminated.

An added advantage of this approach is to ensure that the keys cannot be readily copied. This will give you a greater level of control over who has access to keys and it is particularly important in commercial applications. Restrictive key systems like this are ideal for good onsite security management and they’re highly effective.

  • Always avoid cheap lock imports. They’re cheap mainly because they’re inferior quality locks. Usually, these locks are made of low-grade alloys and have relatively primitive locking mechanisms. Weak locks are a very real, serious, security risk. Australian locks are specifically designed for Australian Standard rated doors and they are much more strongly constructed to meet Australian Standard requirements.

Security Doors Lock Considerations

You’ll need to consider your lock upgrades according to your practical onsite needs:

  • Home security door locks: Replace older locks ASAP. Choose a modern 3 or 5 point lock as the benchmark standard for a new lock. These locks are highly resistant and very reliable. If you’re upgrading your security doors, ask your supplier about lock options.
  • Commercial security door locks: Depending on the type of security doors you have, you may need to consider a combination of a general lock upgrades and a master key system for onsite security. This is a double security approach, managing keys while also ensuring maximum security for your doors. Your lock system should be the latest for your type of security door.

Want to Ask an Expert about Your Security Door Locks?

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