How Secure are Security Doors

A burglar jimmies open a window

How Secure are Security Doors

What to Look for When Shopping for a Security Door

Installing a security door should help you sleep easy at night knowing that everyone is safe from potential danger. Purchasing one of these doors carries the implication that it holds up to certain standards and requirements. While this is often the case, some companies in Australia have been known to cut corners and use materials that are not considered industry grade quality.

To avoid this worrying trend, we have compiled some key information on finding the highest quality security doors.

Australian Standards 5039-2008

All security doors should comply with Australian Standards 5039-2008. These regulations were formulated by a committee of experts in the industry, including the Australian Window Association, Master Builders Australia, Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia and the National Security Screen Association. This panel of experts decide the materials that should be used in security doors to ensure maximum protection for their owners, while also mandating required performance under a series of strength tests.

There are three aspects this committee has recognised as crucial to the performance and integrity of security screens and doors:

  • The strength of the screen door/window grill or mesh
  • The strength of the adaptor frame and how it is fixed
  • The structural strength of the door frame or window frame

Security Screen Strength Tests

To comply with the relevant code, security tests need to be carried out by an authorised National Association Testing Authority (NATA). These tests determine the strength and reliability of your security screen, window or grille. The tests include:

  • The anti-jemmy test
  • The pull test
  • The dynamic impact test
  • The knife shear test
  • The probe test

Only three tests are applicable under the Australian Standards for sliding security doors. These consist of the pull, anti-jimmy and dynamic impact tests.


Security doors need to be made from sturdy materials that pass these tests and keep your home safe from potential intruders. If you’re in the market for a new security door, make sure that you are aware of all the materials used in the production process. Stainless steel mesh that is durable and corrosion resistant is recommended by industry experts.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Written Certification

After purchasing your new security door, it is essential that you ask your provider for a written certification that indicates compliance with Australian Standards 5039-2008. Never be shy about this and always push to make sure that your door provider keeps you informed about the ins and outs of their products.

At The Australian Trellis Door Company™, we guarantee the very highest standards of quality for all of our doors and shutters. We provide all of our customers with the finest security doors and screens on the market as well as the written certification to prove compliance with industry standards.

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