How are Security Doors Installed?

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How are Security Doors Installed?

How Are Security Doors Installed?

Security doors include a range of measures to ensure that they’re both secure and tough targets for intruders. The installation of security doors is based on making access by force very difficult.

Installation Essentials

The security provided by modern security doors is based on well-defined parameters for very practical reasons. The strongest security door is ineffective if it is not properly secured to the surrounding frame. The Australian Standard AS 5040-2003 identifies the minimum acceptable requirements for installing security doors to residential properties.

In New South Wales, all installers need to hold security licences. The installer has to assess the strength of the existing frame and has to correctly install the security door using acceptable concealed fixings. If the surrounding frame is not substantial enough to support the installation and secure your door, then this frame will need to be enhanced or strengthened with further structural support before the installer can adequately attach the security door to it.

As you can see, the “security factor” is based on a range of clear metrics and performance specifications. This means that your new security door will be well-designed to handle severe stress, impacts, and other attempted intrusion methods.

Security Doors Choices and Critical Factors

Every property has its own specific security needs. The security needs for a shop, for example, will include a much more complex range of factors compared to a home. A home may only require a strong, rated conventional security door. A shop may require a heavy duty expanding security door or a folding security door.

The most important factors in security doors can be defined by examining your onsite needs:

  • Access points: Which entrances and exits require added security? Does your home need additional security for side and rear entrances? Speak to your security door suppliers about these issues to ensure that you have properly structured all-around security in place. (Also note: Your suppliers can be very helpful with important issues like lock selection, security management, and other useful onsite needs)

  • The degree of security required: This especially applies to commercial premises, which are often the targets of vandalism, as well as attempted entry. Security door choices may include heavy grilles, trackless security doors, folding security doors, etc.
  • Exterior presentation: Most homes prefer security features that deliver good exterior presentation. Many shops need the added security, but also need to manage their exterior image and visual presence. You can also get help from architects and specifiers regarding your design, security and exterior needs.
  • Cost: The good news for homeowners and commercial premises managers is that modern security doors aren’t really very expensive. Even a state of the art modern security door isn’t going to have a severe budget impact. Get a quote for the door(s) you want and compare your choices before spending a cent. You’ll find costs are easily manageable, and your suppliers can help with budget-friendly options.

Trying to Find the Right Security Doors?

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